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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Little Beauty.

Perched atop my study desk is a little bitty pine tree. Its branches a deep forest green and its height not more than a mere two feet. Dangling orbs of reflections, satin, and shimmer dance and twirl amongst the golden lights. They shine brightly into my late nights up studying, keeping this heart much too full of espresso company amongst the dreariest December days. She may not be much, but she is my little tree. A miniscule taste of all the traditions I love from home which will soon be welcomed back into my life in just a week in a half... after these dreadfully stressful times are over.

But in the meanwhile, the golden star perched atop the tallest branch will keep me going, helping me know that better times are just around the corner

Have a good night, everyone. I love you, and go appreciate some little beauty in your life tonight.

With much love, Lauren.



Sasha said...

What a pretty bokeh! :) Christmas is coming!

- ME - Fashion Blog said...

I can't wait for christmas time to come...it's so peaceful <3 Would you like to follow each other with gfc?


Unknown said...

OMG, officially jealous of you! you got your own little Christmas tree!!!

haha, love it. It looks really cute.
So excited for Christmas, it's such a beautiful time!

x Audrey


Kezzie said...

How lovely! I did do something beautiful! I went to my home group study and thought hard!x

Kristian said...

A cheering sight!

Kristian said...

A cheering sight!

Anonymous said...

i love your christmas tree :)Irene Wibowo

OrigamiGirl said...

Aah, so pretty! Im getting our Christmas tree tonight! Can't wait.

Teddi said...

that's lauren's lovely writing dear friends.

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