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Saturday, December 22, 2012

First Snow.

Mint Hi-Low Skirt (actually a dress): c/o Lulu*s.
Stripped Top: Stolen from my mother.
Cream Sweater: TJ Maxx.
Black Boots: Thrifted.
Layered Silver Necklace: A Gift.

I've had it in my head that the first snow was going to be magical. I couldn't wait, eagerly checking the forecast every day to see when the heavens would open up and pour down pure, white, fluff. I couldn't wait to take pictures in it, stomp off my boots before I entered my house, watch it fall down outside in the night from the fogged up window. December began passing without any sign of the snow ever coming and I didn't think it would before Christmas. But it did yesterday.

And as much as I try to love the snow...I think I forget how cold it really is and how awful it is to actually take outfit pictures in it. Every year I fool myself into thinking how magical it is when in fact...even my Ohio blood can't lie; Snow may be beautiful, but dealing with it is just awful! Sigh, I got what I wished for and will have plenty of it in the coming months...

This is a strange outfit for me and I don't really know why I'm wearing it. Sometimes I put together looks because I want to be someone different for a day. I want to take a chance. But I never end up liking these 'chances.' I always just end up feeling not like myself and wishing I could go home and put on a pretty dress and a beret on my head. It worries me sometimes. What if I always feel like this? How many combinations of a dress + hat can I possibly do? Why am I so adverse to changing my style, trying something new? I'm a person who absolutely hates change in every aspect of life I suppose. 

Tomorrow I'm celebrating Christmas with my mom's side of the family and I am so excited. It'll be nice to be in the cozy house, enjoying the company of my extended family I have missed so much. And would you look at that...looks like it might be a white (early) Christmas after all

I hope you have a beautiful day today. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, whoever you're with. I hope it's beautiful.

With much love, Lauren.


The Dragonfruit said...

I think its nice you have such an established style and know what you like - plus, you get that signature look that people will recognize you for! For someone like me, I can't name my style at all. It changes so much. I'm still figuring it out. So you're just ahead of the game Lauren :)
Although I think for a look you're not used to nor liked, you did a good job pulling it off! Haha, love that mint skirt - the hi low hem is a tricky trend to pull off in winter.

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I love the layering and that gorgeous mint skirt :)


Camille said...

I know how you feel, Lauren! Sometimes I want to change my look up and be someone else, but then I remember that my unique sense of style is what makes me!


Jane said...

It's just a characteristic of being a creative spirit. You try new things! (Even if you know you don't like change).

-Sara, Road to the Heart

Elanor said...

It wouldn't be my first instinct to layer a shirt over a skirt like this - but I just love how it turned out! You look beautiful in the snowy landscape, as much as it was probably annoying to take photos in it. :(

Change is definitely difficult, but I admire you for taking a step outside your natural comfort zone and putting together this outfit! <3

xxoo Elanor

Et tu, tutu? said...

Haha, I have those days too. Although, you still look pretty adorable! :)


Isabella said...

I really like this outfit! It's different, but you definitely manage to pull this off. I wish we had snow here in Queensland! I just dropped by to tell you I saw your "Purple Reign" post... definitely my favourite to date. You look so beautiful! Thanks for the sweet comment on my post. xo Isabella

Ashley Holloway said...

This is really cute! Definitely different than your norm, but I love the way you layer! I think it would have made the outfit even better to have your hair down though, it would go with the flowiness of the outfit! I understand sticking to one silhouette though, there's not too many that look "right" on me :P

Kristian said...

I love the color combo and the hi-lo skirt adds an unexpected twist.

Anonymous said...

love the outfit so pretty! :)
Irene Wibowo

Christine said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the nude lip! Looks great on you!

God bless, and merry Christmas!

Judy said...

I think that happens to all of us, and especially for you at an age when you're still finding yourself. It's okay to experiment with new looks. It turned out great by the way.

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