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Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in Review













2012 has been the biggest year yet for me. I plan on actually writing and reflecting tomorrow because I figured if you're not already overwhelmed with this humungous post...well, who am I kidding I don't see how you could be NOT overwhelmed! Anywho, click on the descriptions below each month to read that post, and here are the reviews for 2011 {part one and two} and 2010 {part one and two} if you want to gander!

Talk tomorrow for the last day of 2012
With much love, Lauren. 

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Anna Olivia said...

really enjoyed this! :) you're lovely!

Carlee, Little Sloth said...

I love looking back on the year! I have been doing the same as of late and it is crazy to see how far we have all come and how much changes throughout the year.
Almost Endearing

Unknown said...

Fantastic recap! I loved seeing all these pretty outfits again. You really have such an adorable sense of style.

Camille said...

Wow! You've had quite the year, Lauren! I have loved seeing all of the amazing things that have happened in your life through your blog. I only hope that maybe one day I can be as personal with my blog as you are with your blog.

I can't wait to follow you into the new year!


Et tu, tutu? said...

It was very interesting to look back on your year. It sure seems like you came out on top of everything. Happy New Year's! Blessings upon your celebrations. :)


Anonymous said...

I wish I could find the proper words to describe how much I LOVE your style! It is so romantic, whimsical, feminine, beautiful, and perfect. Also, you accomplished so much this year- such an inspiration.


Mary said...

You're so amazing Lauren.

Unknown said...

This is SUCH a great idea! Would you mind if I borrow this? Ive always wanted to do a year in look review but I like how you added little notes for each month as well!
Love it!

katie said...

Wow, how wild to be able to look back on a year of your life like that. (Ah such beautiful, beautiful photography!) I haven't commented much lately but it's been SUCH a delight to see how happy you look in all of your photos and how uplifeted you sound your posts. I'm so happy that so much of the bitterness has worked it's way out of your life and that you're in such a happy place now. Merry (belated!) Christmas and Happy New Year dear, I hope it turns out to be an amazing one for you.

And one a silly note, my little girl was looking over my shoulder at your pictures and said that you're very pretty. (And she likes your mint dress!) I also want to say thank, I've been researching which kind of lens I wanted for my camera and you had a great post about it on your formspring. I really want to say thank you because you and the other lovely Lauren have inspired me to really try to improve my own photography. :)

katie said...

Whoa, that was a spelling error littered post, sorry about that!

Hanne said...

How fun and inspiring to see some of your looks through the year in an overview :)

Unknown said...

You are so wonderful! You certainly did have a busy and life-changing year! Here's to 2013!


Nerd Burger said...

It's been a huge year for you. It has been hard being on the other side of the world when you went through your breakup, acknowledged your depression and found things tough. All I wanted to do is hug you and say "it's going to be ok, hang in there".
It's now 2013, so much lays ahead for you. I can't wait to see that famous smile of yours and your little berets out in the world. What will 2013 bring for you? Happiness and Love.

Kezzie said...

A lovely year, despite its many trials and difficulties! Awwww, you mentioned your Paris parcel!!!! If I go again, I promise I will send you something again!!! I wish my summary of outfits looked as lovely as yours- mine is a big mess! xx

Anna said...

I so enjoyed this post! I'm fairly new to your blog, so this re-cap was a nice, condensed version (until I catch up and read your previous posts, that is). Have a lovely New Years Eve!

Katie Burry said...

Aw! you've looked so gorgeous all year! And I'm so honored to be mentioned in your post! <3

Happy new year!! xo

Judy said...

Happy New Year. I found your blog in November so I missed a lot what happened to you this year, but from what I see it was a year of amazing outfits, and definitely of changes for you, but you've remained strong and centered, and the best part is that you accepted Jesus in your life, and he makes everything better.

Conny said...

Happy Happy 2013!!!!

Jeannee said...

How vibrant you look in these outfits, Lauren - and indeed what a year it has been! Such a nice collection, with bolded sentences so we can reconnect to chapters we've missed (or wanted to re-read) - very well-done - lots of work involved :)

Kent seems to have so much! Tell me, do they have a chapter of FOCUS (The Fellowship of Catholic University Students)?

Teddi said...

very nice retrospective lauren, i can see you put a lot of time into this. i wasn't overwhelmed at all. winning post! :)

Alyssa Pritchett said...

Gosh your style is amazing! <3 Keep it up honey!


Unknown said...

hi Lauren,

wanted to wish you a happy new year!
i enjoyed reading this, it' funny how fast 2012 gone by. I just look at your pics and think no that wasn't in January. That was like last month :)

but anyway, happy new year!!!

x audrey


Miki said...

I love your outfits, girl! ;) I have the feeling I'll be coming here very often!

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