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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Its intoxicating aroma wraps its arms around me in a warm, comforting embrace like an old friend. Weaving, whittling it's way into my heart, pulling on the strings and making my soul sing. Sips of heaven that fill my taste buds with complete ecstasy, the liquid hitting my tongue, scalding it with it's sweetness. It travels a delicious journey down my throat and into my belly, singing the praises of absolute contentment and happiness.

It's with me on the rainiest days when the heavens pour out sweet crystal tears from the angels. It's with me when God smiles down and lights up the pure blue sky with clouds of cotton candy and a gentle breeze, my hair tickling my face to and fro. I drink it in the earliest mornings, the latest nights. Forever my companion, never letting me down. Never disappointing.

Starbucks. Jazzman's. Tree City. Anywhere and everywhere there is a familiarity that brings me back to the bleak winter days of friendship in coffee shops years ago (that feel just like yesterday). The overwhelming and anxious feeling of panic attacks from a simple, cautious sip. Caring conversations of love over warm drinks in the early Saturday afternoons with the one who brought me into this life. And the first, literal, taste of freedom at a new chance of life. It follows me through all the life stages.

And someday it will just be me. Sitting with my love while the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop moves around me. Windows fogged up but the atmosphere hasn't a frigid air to it in the least bit. The handsome bearded boys and the girls with looks so striking. Their unapproachable gazes frighten me. Laptops a lit with burning passion, clicking away at life's worries while I sit basking in the pure moment of time that feels infinite. Closing my eyes at each long sip. Then he'll come in. He'll sit near me and catch my gaze. Smile. Look at me boldly and ask what coffee I'm drinking. I'll bashfully look down into my cup of jo and mutter my response.  He'll wink and tell me good choice. (maybe someday).

Coffee is the link to humanity.

With much love, Lauren.



Et tu, tutu? said...

Cute writing! I hope your coffee shop romance works out just as you hoped. :)


Imaginary Confetti Club said...

This is perfect.

Midwest Muse said...

I'm obsessed with coffeeeee! I share all your thoughts!

Teddi said...

it's a coffee love story!

Judy said...

You're such a great writer. And I'm with you singing the praises of our good friend, coffee. I don't know where I would be without it. I certainly would not have graduated from college without it. =)

Jeannee said...

LOVE THIS!!!! In fact I am sitting here drinking coffee right now :) You need to put a share bar, my dear: I would at the very least! put this on my blog <3 Coffee, methinks, is what they talk about in the Bible when they say in Psalm 159:14b,c : "...your works are wonderful - I know that full well!"

Nerd Burger said...

Lauren, this post is beautiful. It encapsulates all that I feel when drinking in a cafe too. I seriously just went and made a cup after reading it.

Brandy said...

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Greta said...

Just perfection.

Greta xoxo

Unknown said...

Aw, cutest post ever! I met my hubby via coffee, he was the barista! :-)

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