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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life's Snapshots #22.

Coffee + Bible = perfection.

It's the little things, you know?

Red velvet crinkle cookie.

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Sipping on the best cup of jo I've ever had.

Lights that lead the way are blinding.

I knew you were TROUBLE when you walked in.

Hello there from me to you.

 Every day.

Mood board


Cats and cameras.

Finals aren't as awful with a pretty notebook (and matching pencil).

Flats; aka DEATH.

Collars and coffees.

Yes please.

Ain't no dress like a kitty dress.

In disbelief at how cute the Modcloth delivery boxes are.

Wish on a wishbone.

Buns n' bows.

I've since reached the Gold card (!).

It ain't a good coffee unless it has Audrey's face on it.

 My little dorm tree in all her glory :)

Something to be documented; Lauren paints her nails for once.

Playing dress up at midnight.

Hello everyone!

I have accumulated masses of instagram photos in the past month in a half since posting my last 'life's snapshots post.' It's been a time of lots of coffee, studying, pretty clothing, and time well spent at Kent. Here's to looking at a month of Mansfield instagrams though!

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With much love, Lauren.


Anonymous said...

lovely post Lauren! :)Irene Wibowo

Elanor said...

Girllll your hair looks absolutely stunning in that last photo!

& dang, that's a lot of coffee! ;)

Shelby said...

All these photos are perfection! Love love love! And your lipstick is always spectacular!

JULIETTE said...

Very nice captions!


Nerd Burger said...

Love that nail polish. Looks amazing. I love all the pics of the coffee and your hair with bows in it.

Sofi Moukidou said...

great post darling!
thnx for sharring!
p.s. don't miss my give away!
happy holidays!

Camille said...

Your under the sea mood board is so cool and I love your pretty little cupcake notebook! :)


OrigamiGirl said...

Wow. You really like your coffee! I bet you're keeping all the local coffee shops in business. ;)

Happy Christmas!

Rona said...

Oh these photos are just so endearing, I love it! I'm inspired to put a little bit more of an artistic touch into my instagrams now haha :)

MILEX said...

not bad at all.

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