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Monday, August 4, 2014

Thinking Out Loud.

Dress: Vintage.
Floral Crown: Handmade.
Necklace: Thrifted.
Lipstick in Mark's Coral Fixation.

Hello everyone!

It's been two years since I've graduated and I don't keep in contact with many people, but some it's always a pleasure to see and catch up with. A gal named Alex whom was in my graduating class contacted me wanting to know if I wanted to collaberate on some pictures the other day and I was thrilled! It's funny because in high school I didn't know how she was into photography and she didn't know I had a blog, so it's refreshing to see how we've both blossomed into our passions in just two years out of school.

She's the loveliest lady and people used to say all the time we actually looked quite similar! We shot three different looks and I can't wait to show the other two to you all. We were lucky enough to even catch a few photos with a calm butterfly who let me hold it. Never done that before! Here is her photography page to check out some of her other work--she is such a joy and light to work and chat with! x

With much love, Lauren.


Sky said...

Wow!!! These are beautiful, as are you my friend!

Daydream Frenzy | Austin Style Blog said...

That 5th photo is my fave! Very pretty :)

Daydream Frenzy

Unknown said...

Great pics. It's always nice to catch up with old friends isn't it? x

Crissy @ My Cup Of Tea

Unknown said...

Great pics. It's always nice to catch up with old friends isn't it? x

Crissy @ My Cup Of Tea

Sammi said...

So stunning, and omg the photos w/the butterfly! Unreal! it's nice to connect with people you didn't necessarily know in high school. I had a similar experience with a girl who graduated the year after I did who now works as a photographer. I never knew her in high school, but she ended up taking the promotional photos for a show I did last year, and it was a really awesome experience getting to know and work with her. Sometimes high school doesn't really allow you to get to know the people worth knowing, you know? :)

xox Sammi

Kezzie said...

The butterfly is incredible!! X

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

What gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

These photos are so beautiful and inspiring. I think the 5th one is my favorite! And that flower crown is oh so pretty! I have a slight obsession with flower crowns but have never had one of my own. I need to try my hand at making one...

It sounds like a really fun experience you two had! I'm exciting to see the next two outfits :)

xoxo, Alesha

Alexandra Marie said...

Stunning, Lauren! Your friend did an amazing job on the photos! Alex


Stephanie Loudmouth said...

You look absolutely breathtaking! It's so nice to find out when a friend is secretly creative -- recently, one of mine said she was into photography (which I didn't know about) and wanted to help with my blog. I'm calling her my Photographer Fairy Godmother haha.

Jaela said...



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