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Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Italian Coffee Experience.

  I've been dying for a coffee. Back home, coffee is an integral part of my every day life; usually the only thing getting me up in the morning, ha. I haven't had a chance to get a cup while I've been here because it's kind of just been "go, go, go "but after orientation today I had a chance to relax and take my time. 

I walk by this place every day to school and am always so enraptured by it. It has these beautiful crown molding ceilings with white accents, and it opens up in the front so you can just look out at the street while you drink your coffee. Today was the day I was going to get my Italian coffee I've been waiting for!

So, I went up to the register and saw a sign saying that they had NEW, Chocolate latte iced. I thought that sounded perfect since it's pretty hot here, and told the barista I wanted that to stay. The first hilarious thing is that when he asked for my name to put on the cup, he wrote "Loren" instead of Lauren. I'm guessing because Sophia Loren is pretty big over here he guessed that's how it was spelled. I went with it and had a good chuckle and waited for my drink to come out. 

He called my name and I went up to get it, super excited and eager because it looked delicious and had coco power sprinkled on top. I took a big, first sip and thought something was peculiar. It tasted just like...milk? I thought that maybe it just wasn't strong coffee or perhaps that I had to stir in the chocolate so I did that and it still tasted just like milk. I shrugged, figuring it was just a difference in our coffees and began reading the little Italy guide book I had with me about useful phrases and such.

I turned to the ordering coffee page because I was curious, and what do you know, right there, in bold letters. " Do not order a latte in a coffee shop. It's not like an American one-- this one is just plain milk." 

Guys, I ordered chocolate milk.

Dying it's so hilarious.

With much love, Lauren.


Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

Hahaha, I have never heard that! What a fun incident to remember. I hope you will keep us posted the actual coffee! Lol. :)

Katie Selt said...

When I saw this on Insta, I was like "awwww!"

When my best friend went to Germany, she asked for ice in her drink and they put ice cream in it.
Eis (ice cream) sounds exactly like ice.
Depending on the context, eis can mean ice cream or just eis, and in this one, it meant ice cream.

I think those mistakes are the cutest! It rally shows how reliant on English we are. :)

Katie | www.katielikeme.com

Kimi, twenty-something simple said...

Isn't it crazy how we (Starbucks, mostly) changed the meaning of those words over here in the states?! It kind of irritates me to be honest, haha. I actually really liked lattes when I was in Italy (actual lattes!). Have you seen any of the coffee shot dispensers? They're pretty cool. I'd always get a latte with a splash of coffee (since I'm not a big coffee drinker anyway).

Jenna Leigh said...

When i saw your instagram post, it made me laugh knowing i would have made the same mistake! lol :) looks really good though


Unknown said...

Oh gosh, I learnt the hard way too when I was in Italy. Still, nothing wrong with good 'ol milk.

I've been loving keeping up with your photos Lauren!

xx Carina

Anonymous said...

That's too hilar! While in London at a restaurant, I ordered a lemonade and it was Sprite! My uncle told the waitress I wanted a lemonade and that she gave me soda, and she said that IS lemonade. Lol...we explained to her in the states that lemonade is made with actual lemons and that it's not a soda. Its interesting how people interpret things differently. Love seeing your pix from Italy, I hope I can go there some day... Soon!

Scribbles and Tea said...

Loving all your pictures in Italy! Just beautiful. My mom was born there (actually, she is still an Italian citizen,) and will be the first to tell you that America in coffee is VERY different than European. None of the sugary, over-flavored stuff. ;) Any who, funny story!

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