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Friday, August 15, 2014

The Best In Me.

Dot Dress, Vintage Hat, T-Strap Heels: Thrifted.
Lipstick in MAC's Russian Red.

I'm going to try to keep these posts pretty short because I know you all don't want to hear me mushing and gushing on and on. Ha, I don't even want to hear myself do that!

But you know the thing I like best about this kid? He's the total opposite of me, yet he brings out the best in me. I am very serious, calculated, quiet, and worrisome. He is very silly, spontaneous, loud, and carefree. I didn't want to date him at first because I thought we were too opposite-- his fun way of living was too far of a stretch from my very strict, safe, and routine life I like. I am glad I gave him a chance though and stuck with my gut feeling to say, "yes." Although we couldn't be more different, he draws out those good, rare parts of me that not many get to see. I don't know how he does it folks, but he does. x

With much love. Lauren.


Alexandra Marie said...

SO sweet- you two are the perfect couple! Alex


Lauren said...

uuuuuuuggggggghhhhhh staaaaaaaahpppppppppp <3 <3 <3 my eyes cannot handle all this cuteness ugh ugh but I want moooooooore okay I'm done.

Unknown said...

You two are such a cute couple! And your outfit looks lovely, it really suits you ;-)

Roseanne xox

Unknown said...

So sweet and absolutely adorable1
x Angela // bouncingbrunette.blogspot.com

Sophie said...

You two are way too adorable together!

overthinker said...

you look so happy and you guys make a perfect couple .
Enjoy Europe :)

Unknown said...


Circ rhythm said...

This is so beyond adorable and the two of you are such a pair! For real-- I don't comment very frequently, abut this begged for comment! I also love that you kept this short, it feels like a measure of respect for your relationship. Super classy lady! :)

Sammi said...

You guys are so cute. I understand what you mean about initially not wanting to date someone so totally your opposite. I think as long as the person in question likes you for YOU and (like you said) brings out the best in you, then opposites can be a really wonderful thing. Sometimes if you're TOO alike, it ends up being way too hard!

xox Sammi

Hannah Barta said...

You two are awesome together! You look like you have so much fun.

dance a real

Anonymous said...

I love this set of photos - I have this huge grin on my face after going through them because you look SO happy it fills my heart with joy.

No one is perfect and relationships are hard, but the people who make us happy and try to encourage and support us - they're usually worth it.

Nevena Krstic said...

You both look adorable together! :)

Miranda said...

I love the one of you two standing and grinning at each other :)

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Unknown said...

U 2 r the sweetest, be mine, Valentines <3!

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