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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shake It Off!

Crochet Tank: Gap Outlet.
Red Skirt: c/o OASAP.
Sandals: TJMaxx.
Beret: Target.
Bracelet: Charming Charlie.
Satchel: Forever21.
Lipstick in Russian Red. 
Photos by Haley (@hchatlin on instagram!).

Hello everyone!

Ha, so clearly from the title of this post I've been listening to Taylor Swift's new song. I've always been a T-Swift fan since I was 13 (I actually used to listen to Tear Drops on My Guitar and wistfully think about my now current boyfriend back then), and still at 21 I love her. No shame here. Her new song is so catchy and I love the message behind it. Give it a listen if you haven't already! 

So, Haley and I went out to buy laundry detergent the other day at the grocery store and picked some up no problem. Our one roommate washed her clothes with it, but then when the second roommate went to wash her clothes she noticed that the bottle had pictures of bathtubs and sinks on the back of it...Although it had said 'detergent' on the front, we still managed to pick up house cleaner and our one poor roommate washed her clothes with it! Nothing happened thankfully, but it's still hilarious. Need to get better at reading Italian.

This weekend my three roommates and I have a one day trip booked for Cinque Terre! Super excited to visit a coastal town here and see Italy from a different city outside of Florence. x

With much love, Lauren.


Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love how your skirt matches your lipstick. I need to listen to Taylor's new song! :)

Samantha said...

Such a lovely outfit! You've got me excited for beret season - I almost forgot about those!

Hilary said...

Would love to see your room in Italy, where are you living? Is it accommodation from the university where you are studying? What sort of papers are you taking? Very interested to know more about your exchange! :) Love the outfit, and Taylor's Shake It Off is my current fave!

Anonymous said...

Show us pictures of the college. Love you!! Mom

Cecelia said...

Wait, I thought you were involved with your ex boyfriend when you were thorteen? Why did that song make uou think of this one? Haha, boy drama... I'm confused like always. :) Anyways, i just wanted to say I love your blouse and thank you for posting all the gorgeous photos of Italy! It looks magical there.
Xoxo, Cecelia

Kimi, twenty-something simple said...

I love Taylor and her new song! I'm so excited for her new album. :) Have so much fun in Cinque Terre! I have a feeling you're going to want to go back for longer than a day. ;)

xo Kimi

Ashleigh said...

I enjoy reading your posts so much! I hope you're having a great time. A friend of mine is going to be spending a semester in Tuscany, but will be visiting Florence sometime next month. I said she should say hello if she ran into you. :D

Unknown said...

Your hat is really nice!
Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

Tineke said...

Wow, i just love this outfit! Looks so good on you!

Kezzie said...

How cool to visit somewhere else. And MUCH sympathy, I can see gnat bites on your arms-I have been covered in then for the past 2 weeks- the Croatian bugs loved me!!!! They were huge and red for days!!!
Pretty outfit, I really like the top!
Oh and yes, I second your Mom- show us the college! And go to Pisa too!!! X

Unknown said...

You're looking amazing again! :)

Unknown said...

I love the red and white look!
Stunning, as always

supagloo said...

This outfit is so cute! I love everything about it, especially that hat! You look awesome in red.

-Helen Grace

Sweet Helen Grace

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