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Monday, August 25, 2014

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum.

Hello everyone!

A few days ago I was walking around Florence when I just stumbled upon the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum. I knew it was here, but didn't know exactly where but figured I would find it eventually. It was only 6 euro to get in so I had to do it!

Can't express how fascinating it was and if you're in Florence, you must go! Ferragamo just wasn't a shoe designer. He studied feet and knew the ins and outs to walking, posture, standing position, and equilibrium to create perfectly made shoes for the human foot that felt comfortable and were beautiful. I didn't know he had designed custom models for so many different celebrities (Carmen Miranda, Judy Garland, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey) who had hard to fit feet! 

The museum is underground, so above is actually the flagship store for Ferragamo! Since it is the headquarters, part of the store was dedicated to limited editions of classic shoe models that they made for past celebrities and the colors that would have been used back then, as well. The coolest part was they even had the original style label on the insides! There was, of course, a regular store, too, with all the current models of shoes and handbags, complete with stuffy associates who didn't bother to help me, ha (I can't really blame them, it was clear I wasn't buying anything).

Anyways! Such a special experience and I'm so glad I got to tour this and learn some history about Ferragamos because I do have a thrifted, vintage pair I wear quite often and are my cherished babies. I cherish them even more now!

With much love, Lauren.

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