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Friday, August 15, 2014

I'll Be Seeing You.

Dress: Modcloth.
Heels: Thrifted.
Lipstick in MAC's Russian Red.

Well, here is the last set of photos and probably my favorite of the bunch! I didn't get any pictures in my birthday dress on my 21st, so now I'm really excited and pleased to have these. Plus, a handsome counterpart surely doesn't hurt. 

 When I planned my trip to study abroad to Florence Italy two years ago, I didn't plan to be in a relationship when I went. I had just gotten out of a really horrible breakup that really left me jaded and angry about men in general. I wanted to do this trip for me-- an experience of a lifetime just on my own.  

And then in the spring when Ryan and I were talking about getting together, me leaving for Italy was the biggest problem on my mind. It seemed so selfish to put someone through a relationship where I would be gone for four months of the entire year across seas. How was that fair to put another person through that, when they didn't have any say in it? And moreover, why would anyone want to willingly go through with that in mind? I had made this decision well before being with him in the thought that I could be as selfish as I wanted with my life because it was just me. 

But even though we would be together only four months before it was time to spend that much time apart, he still wanted to be with me. It kind of shocked and confused me, and it still sort of does. He's never once made me feel like I shouln't still do this for me and be selfish and go on this dream journey of mine that I've wanted to do even before I went to Kent State. He's encouraged me to go after all these things I want and is excited for me. In the past, I've had people in my life who couldn't be excited for me because it didn't fully involve them, but Ry has been there for me saying "you can do this--you're going to have a blast,"  all along.

I couldn't ask for anyone better to miss while I'm gone.

With much love, Lauren.


Hannah Barta said...

LOVE this shoot. What a sweet guy :)

dance a real

Sammi said...

GORGEOUS photos. You can tell what a wonderful spirit he has just from these pictures. And four months won't be that bad - it shows how mature he is that he realizes that, too!

xox Sammi

RC Rabbit (Bunny) said...

<3 bella!

Unknown said...

You two are so adorable. Long distance is hard but if you make it through your relationship will be even stronger. I love the way these pictures turned out. I wish you both the best in managing your relationship while you're away. He seems like a great catch and of course, you are too!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Unknown said...


Forwhichtheheartbeats said...

These photographs are so cute seriously!
You are a lucky girl, your guy seems to be such a nice person.

Unknown said...

You are such a blessed young lady -ty for taking us along on your journey!!!

Karagh said...

My boyfriend and I had been together for four months before he left to study abroad in France. It was so difficult sometimes but we made it through. I guess it's so different being on different ends of the long distance relationship as well! The decision is a hard one and the distance can be so hard at times, but I think it also brings you closer together on a totally different level. You two seem to be so truly in love, I wish you both the best of luck. x

Nevena Krstic said...

He sounds so lovely! It's so good that you found him! And you look so glamorous in these photos! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! He sounds like an awesome guy :) I know you'll have fun on your trip!

Miranda said...

This is so, so sweet :) To have someone who supports and loves you even when you don't feel like you deserve it it the most amazing thing ever. You're going to have a great trip!

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Anonymous said...

These. Are. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog Lauren! You are absolutely stunning and you have an amazing sense of style. Have the best time in Italy and remember how lucky you are to have something so worth missing :) x Kate

Unknown said...

Something about these photos remind me of Audrey Hepburn! You guys look darling!

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