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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Snaps from Italy!

Hello finally from Florence, Italy!

I arrived here safely on the 18th and have been spending the past few days adjusting and getting used to living here! Thankfully all of my flights and such went wonderful with no issues. I drove to Kent, then took a bus to Detriot, flew to Paris, and then flew right into Florence.

It's very, erm, hot here? I cannot believe just how sunny and beautiful! In the evenings it can be stuffy because obviously there's no air but we cannot open our windows while we sleep. The staff here informed us someone might scale the building and break in! The mosquitoes are also worse than I thought and I found out that it's actually a different type of mosquito than in the States and they cause you to get big, swollen welts. Ouch! I'm bitten all over, but my roommates and I plan on getting this vape liquid that keeps them away that's used a lot here.

The apartment is super dreamy! It is further away than most of my other classmates and takes about 20 minutes to walk to the school in the middle of town. It's a pretty residential area and very nice! We live on the 'second floor' which apparently in Europe is not actually the second; it's actually the third because they don't count the ground level! The apartment is very characteristic, old, and has a lot of charm. There's book shelves lining the hallways and we even have a little loft bedroom which is pretty cool!

Florence itself is simply magical. The most beautiful city. Italy is everything you could imagine or think about in your mind. Stereotypical, but not a bad stereotypical at all. I just mean that there really are 100's of vespas everywhere, the gelato really is that good, and at restaurants they actually get kind of offended and surprised if you do not want wine with your meal. I've seen a lot of the major parts of the city in the past few days like the Duomo and other historical marks, which is impressive because the city looks so big...but once you wander up and down the streets a lot and around, you realize that it actually isn't that big at all. Not to say I won't get lost (I do every day!), but I think it'll be easy to get the hang of navigating.

I haven't started classes yet but have been doing orientation/survival classes this week. I start on Monday so that should be nice to get back into studying and learning. For now, I'm enjoying wandering the streets looking at all the shops (seems like that's all Florence is!), eating Mozzarella and Tomato sandwiches, and falling asleep to the passionate banter of Italians. I am so blessed and thankful to be here!

I hope to start doing outfit photos soon again, or at least update. Thank you all for being here on the journey with me. x

With much love, Lauren.


Britney @ Scout and Company said...

Oh my word Lauren! Im such a stalker for comment already. BUT this is so exciting!! Im so excited for you and happy. I just can't contain it. <3

Anonymous said...

It looks so beautiful! Are you there as a foreign exchange student?

Unknown said...

Studying abroad is a life changing experience. Make sure you the most of it. I look forward to seeing your future posts with not only beautiful outfits, but romantic italian backgrounds too :)

Chiara said...

It's so strange and funny to read how you see Italians and Italy...It's another point of you! Let us know your impressions and enjoy everything. xoxo

Unknown said...

This is so wonderful!!! I am so, so happy for you, Lauren! You are bringing a bright spot to my life, by bringing us along on your journey -ty and bless you +

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

So glad you made it safely, and looking forward to your posts from Italy! It looks simply amazing!

Unknown said...

have fun in Florence, it's amazing. And taste all itaian dishes!!
Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

Unknown said...

These photos are gorgeous, I love your gingham dress :)

Unknown said...

Tiana x

Katie Selt said...

It looks unbelievably gorgeous!
I'm living vicariously through your posts. It all looks so surreal!

Katie | www.katielikeme.com

Unknown said...

Oooh good luck with the start of classes! You got this post up very fast! Im excited to follow along with your adventures. One of the things I regret most from my college experience is not studying abroad. So cherish these times and be proud of yourself for taking the plunge! Also where your living looks soooo dreamy. And I want to someday visit to see that carousel, it looks magical! P.S. I received my Paris jacket I ordered from your shop, I can't wait to wear it and style it on my blog, come cooler jacket weather :) Its sooo cute!

Kezzie said...

That belltower by the duomo is where my husband proposed to me! Great photos so far!!! Ha ha, I bet your come back with a suede jacket, there are tons there! I was seriously enamoured by the sheepskin coats! X

Unknown said...

I miss you so much already, but I know you're going to have so much fun and grow so much as a person.
I love you so dearly. Eat lots of pizza for me!

A Walk in the Park said...

Wow, such lovely photos! I'm sure it will be such an amazing experience, I'm so jealous that you get to study abroad in Italy! I'm part Italian so its always been my dream to visit...maybe someday! Have fun, can't wait to see photos from your many future journeys! :)

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