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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vespa Here, Vespa There.

Pink Crop Top: Aeropostale.
Skirt: Thrifted.
Loafers: TJ Maxx.
Hat: c/o OASAP.
Necklace: Forever21.
Lipstick in Covergirl's 'Valentine.'
Photos by Haley (@hchatlin on instagram!)

Hello everyone!
 You may see me wear a lot of the same pieces in my outfits I post on the blog because I actually didn't bring too many clothes! Here I was thinking I had packed a lot, but when my suitcase came in weighing only 44 pounds (you're allowed 50) and I got a look at how much all my roommates packed...I realized I severely underestimated what to bring. It's okay though! I was thinking that I had to buy a bunch of clothes to have things to wear, but I realized I have enough to make lots of outfits and that got me thinking to challenge myself...

I'm going to try to style outfits with only the things I brought. It'll be hard to wear the pieces so much, but they're all very versatile and can work lots of ways. I've allowed myself to buy one piece a month, but that's it other than the clothing I came with. I've never done to this extreme of remixing, so I think it will be a very fun and challenging way to explore my style over here in Italy.

I know a lot of people + my mom even (ha, hi mom!) have requested seeing pictures of my apartment and school. As for the apartment, I don't feel super comfortable showing it because I have three roommates and want to respect their space and privacy. Plus, I mean, there's really not much to show! Not that it's not a nice apartment because it really is, but it's just kind of basic and filled with mix matched stuff from all the students before me. I might be able to show a few pictures here and there, but I don't plan on doing an apartment tour because I'm not really customizing it or anything. As for the school, I can't really take photos of that either, unfortunately. It's in an ancient palace actually, but it's very...hm, tall and skinny. It's not spread out, so each floor is really small and not much to see. Plus, the lighting is very dark because the place is so old. So, again, I feel like there's not too much to see! I posted a photo of the library on my instagram (@passingwhimsies) which has really awesome frescos on the walls, so that's definitely worth a looksee if you'd like! Sorry if any of you are disappointed :(

Things are going well here though, but the heat is killing me! Which what I find hilarious though is that all the professors say this is a very mild summer, not bad at all. What!?! All the Italians I see around town are wearing jackets and pants and I'm hardly surviving in the above outfit. It's supposed to be 90 on Friday--SO hot. My poor Ohio mind + body isn't used to this much sun without rain and clouds so many days in a row, ha. x

With much love, Lauren.


Elizzabeth Hope said...

I'm so happy your having such a great time! Buy many amazing Italian outfits while over there!!!!!

xo, Lizzie

Jenna Leigh said...

You look so beautiful, and im so glad ur having fun!


Ashleigh said...

I love reading your posts so much! I know exactly what you mean about packing. I did that on a much smaller scale this week, packing for a trip. I keep going to the closet hoping that there will be something new there. :D I hope the weather cools off soon for you.

Unknown said...

You look absolutely adorable!
x Angiejj / bouncingbrunette.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

even tho u need something w/ lightweight comfort, u make it fashionable, as always :)

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