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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Clock is Ticking.

Open shoulder blouse, necklace: Forever21.
Distressed jeans: Aeropostale.
Loafers: Thrifted.

Hello everyone!

Well, in four days I'll be in Italy. The time is nearly here which is so hard for me to believe. It feels like I should still have so much time left before this all begins, but I don't. On Sunday morning I'll drive to Kent, then take a bus to Detroit, a plane to Paris, and then a plane to Italy. And I will live there for four months.

I've been very busy getting things ready and finalized for the trip, as well as, trying to see people before I leave. It's been a somewhat stressful and chaotic time that I'm looking forward to leaving behind me. Ready to just get there and start adjusting and living life across seas. It's hard to imagine and prepare for something you have no idea what to expect out of. 

On a different note, I've noticed that my style has definitely changed in the past year and I find it really cool to study. In high school I dressed very authentic vintage, and then my first year of college progressed to more vintage inspired. My sophomore year I began to get into much more casual dressing of mixing things up with jeans, no heels, and relaxed hair styles. This summer I've strangely found myself leaning towards easy, bohemian sorts of styles which actually kind of shocks me because that's never been something I've been interested in! There's just something about the ease, flow, subtle femininity, and naturalness of the style that really appeals to me in this point of my life right now. I picked up the shirt I'm wearing in these photos last weekend in Columbus and it's kind of unlike anything I've ever worn...but I really love it and want to find more pieces like it! I know it can probably be disappointing to see my style change because it's what attracted many of you to my blog in the first place...vintage style is a very specific community and I feel I'll always love vintage style and still dress in it. But for me, it's important that my style evolve with me as a person and not just stay stagnant because that's my 'niche' or what people want to see from me. I want what I wear to be the best representation of who I am at that moment, in that point in my life...and I hope you all can understand that! Thank you for loving me no matter what I wear! x

Hope to get a few more posts in before I leave; I'm really, really going to try because I don't know how soon I'll be able to get back at it once I'm over there! x


Unknown said...

It's always fun to mix up your style. You'll probably find yourself coming back to old favorites too, but you'll just have an even larger variety of looks to choose from!

You're looking gorgeous here, as usual. Such a laid back and summery look. Good luck on your trip overseas! I can't wait to see what kind of great adventures you have over there!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Kezzie said...

Remember that you blog for you, not for us. We should read, whatever. Much as I prefer vintage clothes in life, you create interesting and diverse, but always pretty outfits which I like.

How funny you're going to be in Italy in 4 days! I'm in Croatia at the moment, literally just a boat ride from Italy! You look definitely visit here.


Sammi said...

You always look so pretty in white, Lauren. And who says that style has to be defined in such constrictive terms? What I love about defining one's style is that you - and only you - get to define your own! I love the fact that I'm able to draw from so many different facets and inspirations to create my own unique look, and it's something that is forever shifting and growing. Just because you currently want to dress for ease and comfort and your situation right now doesn't mean that you're somehow betraying your roots. You still love vintage and you'll probably still dress in that way when it makes sense! But it definitely doesn't make sense to pack crinolines and delicate dresses and hats and everything when you're going to college - or going across the world! You're staying true to yourself in the moment, and that's all you can ever ask of yourself. You always look beautiful and put-together, and I think the fact that you embrace all different aesthetics makes you that much more relatable. But ultimately, you are dressing for YOU. You have an obligation to please only yourself. <3

xox Sammi

Jaela said...

So cute and adorable...Love the top.


Unknown said...

I feel like personal style for most people changes a lot before we've really settled into who we're going to be for the rest of our lives (and even then it still may change again!). I definitely don't dress how I did when I was 21, and that was only like 3 years ago! I'll enjoy your style posts no matter what, just do you girl :)

I can't believe the time has already come where you're off to Italy! You're gonna have an amazing time. Don't hesitate to ask if you need any help with a guest post or something!

Good luck! xo
Daydream Frenzy

Hannah Barta said...

Have a glorious time in Italy! I hope you can still have time to post while you're away. . . . :)

dance a real

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

How exciting that your trip is so close! Thoughts and prayers headed your way as you travel. :)

LaurenLovesLaughter said...

I absolutely love this outfit Lauren! Just so simple and easy and summery. It's great seeing your style evolve and change as you do, and no matter what you wear, you always pull it off so well!

Have an absolutely amazing time in Italy! It will be such a great experience! :)

Lauren xx

Unknown said...

Love the blouse!

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