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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gelato Everyday, Please.

Striped Crop Top, Cherry Shorts: Aeropostale.
Red Keds: Macy's.
Hair Bow: Claire's.
Cross Necklace: Gift from Ry.
Lipstick in MAC's Russian Red.
Photos by Haley (@hchatlin on insta!).

People have been asking me since I've now spent about a week and a half here what my favorite thing about Italy is so far. Is it wrong to say gelato? I've never tasted something so delicious. I've limited myself to having it every other day because I love to get the medium cones where you get three scoops at a time. That's a lot of gelato and it's super filling! I think the chocolate is probably my absolute favorite and the salted caramel isn't too shabby too. Surprisingly, I haven't had a coffee flavored one yet, but am sure planning on it when my next gelato day comes around ;) Oh! And if you're looking for a good place to go in Florence (or maybe they have these in other places in Italy, too), but it's called Grom. Always try and go for the organic gelato if you can; it's the better stuff. Also, don't fall for the piles and piles of gelato in the window shops when you pass by. It's actually not good and super expensive! You want to get the gelato in the metal tins-- so, so, SO good! x

With much love, Lauren.



Katie Selt said...

You're a bonafide gelato connoisseur!

I'm not a sweets kind of person, but gelato looks delicious!

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. ♥

Katie | www.katielikeme.com

Unknown said...

I have been LOVING your photos from your trip! They are all so beautiful and you look like you're having the time of your life!!

Kay // Fashionably Kay

Karasyn said...

Gelato was one of my favorite parts of my Paris study-away, for sure! Ain't no shame in that!

If you get a chance to take a day trip to Nice (in the French Riviera) there is an AMAZING gelato place called Fenocchio that has over 100 flavors! It's crazyness.

chiara said...

Sure, Grom is almost everywhere here in Italy :)

Jenna Leigh said...

looks so yummy. Cute skirt :)


Unknown said...

Amazing outfit! You look sooo cute!
x Angiejj // bouncingbrunette.blogspot.com

Miranda said...

So cute! Oh how I wish I could be eating gelato there too. Glad you're having fun!

Little Gold Pocket Watch

Sammi said...

You look so cute! My parents are actually going to Italy in early October, so I'll have to pass on the gelato info ;)

xox Sammi

Unknown said...

I just love how your visit is buzzing with activity and you're taking it all in, Lauren! - have you been able to find a church??? Are there any necessities you neglected to put in your bags?

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