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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two Peas In a Pod!

Denim Dress: Target.
Pearl Ring:Target.
Red Ballet Flats: Forever21.
Red Bow Headband: Claire's.
Pearl Necklace: Kohl's.

Hello everyone!

For my birthday Matt (or Mattie, Max, or Boy as I also like to call him!) promised me that I could have annnyytthinngg I wanted for my birthday. Do you know what instantly came to my mind? A photo shoot with him! Hahaha I'm so diabolical to make my boyfriend do a fashion photo shoot with me, aren't I?! Oh, but I've been looking forward to it ever since he told me he would do it, and today was just the perfect day! I wanted us to sort of match so we both wore denim with white. Then I just had to throw in a punch of red, tehe.

It was a lot of fun as you can tell from the pictures! We are such goofs sometimes :) Unfortunately, the good time didn't last for too long because the camera broke. Ugh, ugh, UGH! If you remember a few months back, my families' camera went caput and my very kind grandparents let me borrow theirs. Now, it makes me feel horrible that their camera is broken, too! I have the most terrible luck with cameras. Oh, and the tripod is broken unfortunately, as well. That can be fixed,however. The camera, sadly cannot. So, I don't know if there will be any outfit pictures over the next few days. It's all resting on if Matt trusts me on using his families' camera. If I were him, I sure wouldn't trust me, haha! I am the Camera Killer!

Have a goodnight everyone, and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


P.S. Thanks again Matt for doing these photos with me :)


Jenna said...

Dear Camera Killer,
Awesome pictures!!! I love your headband!!!
--- Jen

Mila said...

These are soooo sweet!!! I love them. Too bad about your camera--bad luck. This photo shoot is one of the cutest you've done!


Me said...

Aww thats was cute! Your boyfriend is soo nice to let be in the fashion shoot with you!

Jaymie said...

Those pictures are to cute
i am so envious of your tan!
i think i am also a fellow camera killer it is true!

Mary said...

You two are adorable! I should see if I can get my boy to be in a photoshoot :)

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