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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prep School.

Cranberry Blouse, Tan Loafers: Thrifted.
Circle Skirt, Blazer: Forever21.
Knee Socks: H&M.

Hello everyone!

I'm already in the works for applying for housing for next semester/school year which is crazy to think. It feels as though I just started this year! I'm actually getting a single dorm next year which might surprise a lot of you. This year housing has been hard...a lot of you probably wonder why I don't talk about my roommate on here at all and it's because it's just a very bad situation. To say it has been a turbulent school year roommate wise is an understatement. I want to respect her privacy though and respect her so I chose not to talk about everything that's gone on. It just doesn't feel right.

All that being said, after all the trouble this school year I am in need of a room just to myself. I am a very introverted person and having alone time is important to me. The thing that surprised me at college was how it's so hard to actually, physically be alone- something I need for my sanity. It's not to say that I wouldn't love having a roommate. I had a few different options of rooming with various friends, but the situations just didn't end up working out and I know it's for a good reason. Perhaps God knows that I just need this next school year to be off on my own. I'm hoping the year after I can get an apartment off campus with a few friends!

The dorm isn't completely single though and is actually connected to another dorm room where I share a bathroom and a little lounge space. So it's not completely like I don't have a roommate. It'll just be nice I think to be able to socialize all I want but still have a sane and quiet place to come back to at the end of the day. Plus, this dorm is right next to my dorm this year so I'll still have this handy little patch of trees (that I'm sure you all are sick of seeing) to take pictures by next year, ha ;)

Hope you all are well

With much love, Lauren.


K. Elise said...

Sorry about your roomate situation. I love this outfit! It suits you beautifully.


Mandy said...

This outfit is perfect. You look stunning. Can I have your hair?

I am sorry about the roommate problem. My friends have had problems with their roommates here. One girl even kicked my friend out of the dorm. I think living alone will be a good thing for you. There is never really alone time at school, but it is much needed. I had about an hour of alone time today since christmas and it was a wonderful feeling. Anyway, I'm glad your situation will be better next year.

Sylvie said...

i love your hair! xxx

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty today. Miss you!

Vicki said...

You look so pretty, Lauren! I love your outfit!
Sorry about your roommate problems! I know the feeling of needing to have alone time--I'm also extremely introverted, and even staying with people I know and love outside of my immediate family can be tough when I don't have enough time to myself. I'm glad that it looks like your housing situation for next semester will be a better one of you!

Decked Out in Ruffles

Shey said...

looove this outfit! One of my faves from yours.

Lauren Noelle Rice said...

this outfit is perfection! sorry to hear about your house mates. im constantly fighting with mine and it makes things so stressful because home should be where you can chill out. I hope it all works out. x

Mary said...

This outfit is soooo amazing. And yes, singles are the best because then YOU'RE in control of when you hang out with people and when you enjoy some quality alone time.

StarryEyed93 said...

I have to say I have been reading your blog all school year and this has to be one of my fav outfits! You look so grown up and professional, yet gorgeous cutsie. Idk just love it. Lol!
<3 your cousin mer

Anonymous said...

I had my own single dorm the first year I was in college too. I am just a huge control freak and couldn't deal living with another person in a cramped room. And I'm sorry you had a frustrating experience with your roommate. :( Hope this time will be much better!

I love knee socks with skirts. It's so cute and fun. And I love the red with the camel color. I've never thought of that pairing before, and I really like it! <3


Katie Burry said...

Glad to hear that your housing situation will be better next year!

You look adorable in this outfit, btw. <3

Kezzie said...

I think you've done well to share a room for this long- especially if you had your own room back home. I shared a room with my sister for 20 years of my life and we fought all the time- at least we had the bonds of family to make that easier. Yes, especially as you become older, you need your own space. I'm actually dreading (not totally, because it will be nice, but having to get used to sharing a space) having to share a room when I get married- I've got used to my own space now- I've had it for 11 years now. It will be much easier with just a communal shared space!

The Blue Curtain said...

love!! I've been looking for flats like that in brown leather!! love it! cute outfit <3


Katie Aman said...

I liked having my own space later on in my college years also. One can always find people to socialize with in the commons area and such, but it's nice to have your own place to kick back and study or relax. Love the black and brown together-it always looks so wonderful! And the shoulders on your jacket are perfect. Love them :)

Mamalina said...

I love the color combination! You look really cute!

I bet it will be great not sharing your space with anyone else. You can spend as much time you want with friends, but sometimes you just need some time alone. I'm speaking from experience...I lived in dorm for 5 years.



Unknown said...

I love this outfit so much! The colors are just so perfect and I like the professional, but still cute vibe going on.

Rooming with other people can be so hard. I loooovvvveeee my roommate to pieces, but we are both looking forward to living a house next year, so that we can still be together but having our personal space too.


kelsey said...

this is my favorite of your recent looks! I love the color palate!

Midwest Muse said...

I'm proud of you! Get out of that situation and it'll be better for your mental health. Living on campus seems like it would be very hard to have any alone time and I'm sure it's much needed. Plus this outfit is ADORABLE!

Britney @ Scout and Company said...

Oh I lurve this outfit Lauren!! Its just so grown up but preppy and awesome!!! You are looking so beautiful by the way :D

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