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Monday, February 4, 2013

Just Like Always.

 Apple Dress, Tan Coat: Forever21.
Cream Infinity Scarf: Target.
Black Boots: H&M.
Red Bow Hat: Thrifted.
Hello from snowy Ohio! 
It is snowing like crazy here and I am loving every single second of it. Nothing is better than snuggling in your warm dorm room with a cup of coffee, watching the snow flurries outside. Nothing. It's supposed to snow every day this week; eeee!

This weekend two of my friends and I went to a fashion show put on by Suede! Remember him from a few seasons ago on Project Runway? He graduated from Kent and is coming out with a fabric line for Joann's that will be sold across the US. It was exciting to be able to go to such an important event and see first a peek at the industry first hand. Plus, my friends and I got to meet him, get his 'autograph' and take a picture with him. Crazy stuff here at Kent State, folks. 

Surprised was I when I opened my mailbox the other day and had a package all the way from New Zealand! The adorable Britney of Lemonwood and Honey sent me a little "perk up" package with a letter, mix CD, cat ear headband (!), and the floral ring I'm wearing in these pictures from her online shop. Receiving things like this just make my whole week. :)

Hope you all are doing well and February is treating you wonderfully so far! x

With much love, Lauren.


Marie said...

Love that dress print!

Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

Midwest Muse said...

I love your hat and yes, it's WILD OUT THERE. But they changed the weather -- only snow today. I'm excited because driving in this is TORTURE. Okay, I'm done whining and you look adorable as per usual.

Angel said...

These pictures are extra pretty with the snow falling all around you.

Kezzie said...

How cute is that ring! And what a lovely lovely hat!!!!

Megan Elizabeth said...

Fantastic ensemble! I love these snowy shots!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Love this look! the hat is just precious! love the mix of floral print with cable knit, very cozy! And it's been snowing like crazy here too! I live in southern Michigan, just a little ways from Ohio!In fact a friend of mine i train with commutes from there! small world! ^.^

Oh and here's my blog! http://paulinetheglamazon.blogspot.com/

Sin12012 said...

You are very pretty ! Love your smile ! :)

xo ,
Ana Catalarrana

Ashley Holloway said...

You are so stunning! I love this outfit, the color combination is so pretty and it looks great on you! The little hat is so sweet and jaunty, very reminiscent of a beret which of course suits you! And cat ear headband?? I have to see that! It sounds right up my alley!

Instant Milk said...

LOVE it!

Unknown said...

Eeeeep! I just love that hat oh so very much - the color and the style are so perfect.

Glad that you are enjoying the snow! :)


Elana said...

So much snow! This coat just never fails to look amazing. I'm seriously in love with this red hat, it's adorable. And what a sweet surprise! This ring really is lovely.

Jeannee said...

Indeed, what a terrific way to spend a snowstorm! (Do you float candy in your hot chocolate???) Love the OOTD + nail polish + and such a gift! and speaking of such - do tell us about the person who made u such a lovely hat in your following (another wonderful OOTD!) post :)

Britney @ Scout and Company said...

Oh my gosh Lauren! Your sweet words totally made my day :) I am glad it got to ya safely!! And snow! It just looks so dreamy!!! (I've never seen snow in my life!)

R said...

Ah, Lauren, Lauren, Lauren... why are you so beautiful. The answer is CUS YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE!!! I Like your hat and the whole outfit!!!

Creme de la Chic said...

I'm so glad that I found your blog! I just saw your post on teen vogue's fashion click (:
I just started posting on it--i'm a newbie haha

You look absolutely stunning with your red lips! It adds such a great pop of color and looks beautifully dramatic with the whole winter scene (: I live in California so we never get to experience the snow :/

Well hope you have a beautiful day! xxx


Unknown said...

You look amazing! I'm in love with your red hat. I really admire how you winterized the super summery print on your dress too. The classic coat and cozy scarf looks wonderful with it.

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