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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Warm Up Your ❤

Checkerd Dress, Cream Sweater, Black Booties: Thrifted.
Bow Belt, Pearl Necklace: Forever21.
Hat: Handmade by a family friend :)

Happy Sunday! 

I think snow is absolutely breathtaking. I can't help but love it even though it does make my cheeks bright red, my hands quite numb, and my nose burn. Walking home from dinner last night it poured out of the sky in huge, fluffy, flakes. That perfect crunch sound beneath my feet, the glistening of crystal like brilliance, and looking into the sky as little flecks of heaven fell down. It was all too perfect. Sometimes it blows my mind to think about how snow is trillions of little flakes put together, not a single one the same. They are so miniscule, but as a whole make up something phenomenal and breathtaking. Perhaps I just have 'snow fever' but I am loving ever minute of this winter. We'll see what I say at the end of February...

Hope you all had a beautiful, beautiful weekend. 

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

This is gorgeous! Snow is beautiful and your outfit is so cute!

Loving your smile and your words today :)

Happy Sunday,

xo, gina

Anonymous said...

love the boots! :)Irene Wibowo

Unknown said...

very cute! makes me miss the snow though :/


Carlee, Little Sloth said...

What a pretty dress!!
Almost Endearing

Vezilka said...

Absolutely lovely assemble :)I like the little details: the delicate belt, the nailpolish the sheer lipstick... a true winter tale :)

Kezzie said...

How nicely you've pieced those items together! I really like the look! Goes well with the snow (I understand your rapture- I always end up writing poems about the snow!)

Kristina said...

You are such a beauty! I love your style! I wish we had snow here; I dearly want to bundle up and enjoy the flakes, but so far it's just been cold and rainy.
Have a wonderful Monday!

Jeannee said...

Always very femme, Lauren :)

Unknown said...

The snow looks gorgeous and so is your outfit! I love how you've winterized this spring-y dress. The pearl necklaces are perfect paired with it and I adore your bow belt too.

Anonymous said...

THis is so extremely gorgeous.

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