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Monday, February 18, 2013

Floral Crop Top.

Floral Crop Top, Straw Fedora, Brown Purse: Thrifted.
Olive Jeggings, Infinity Scarf: Target.
Beige Cardigan: H&M.
Opera Boots: c/o Pink and Pepper.

Oh man, long time no see everyone!

Without my laptop it's been hard to blog but luckily I will be getting it back today! Never been so thankful. I also went home this weekend and truly just wanted to enjoy every second of my hometown and family instead of spending all my time on the internet. So hopefully I'll be back this week with lots of outfit posts and such! I always miss blogging when I'm away for a few days.

So for Valentine's Day, me and some of my girl friends went out for Mexican! It was super fun and delicious, of course. Probably one of the best Valentine's days I've had in a few years. We danced to Harlem Shake and even have some talks about going to a dance club in Akron this week. I know, I am not the clubbing type of girl and why would I ever want to go? I think it would be one of those fun, once in a lifetime experiences to check off on a bucket list. We'll see what happens!

I got to my home town Friday evening to spend the weekend with my family for my father's birthday. We made a family trip to my favorite coffee place where we all got our favorite drinks. I also went on a little date? Hm, yeah. It was interesting and the boy was very sweet and had a lot of interesting things to say. I also went thrifting, as well! Oh boy...I could go thrifting every day of my life... I got this adorable floral hi-lo crop top I'm wearing in these pictures, a pair of pink loafers, a pair of tan loafers, some artificial roses for a new spring floral crown, and a little mason jar for bits and bobs, as well. All for $8! Steal, steal, steal.

I've never worn a crop top before and I couldn't pass this beauty up for $.99. I know I am certainty not the thinnest girl in the world, but who says that I can't show a peek of my stomach with pride? No matter what your size, you should be able to wear what you love and what makes you feel good. Crop tops shouldn't be limited to only size zero girls. They can be for everyone and anyone. I'm mega excited to keep styling this up with high waisted shorts as it gets warmer and layer it over dresses!

I've also been trying to work pants into more of my outfits to challenge my style. I haven't worn these olive green jeggings in years...about time they made a reappearance!

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend and are enjoying lovely February (it's already half way over!)

With much love, Lauren.


Anne Reader said...

Ugh! There is something about you, miss Lauren. I have been eyeing a few crop tops -floral as well- that I didn't dare try but certainly loved!
You rock it. ;)

Carlee, Little Sloth said...

You look beautiful and I think you pull of the crop top way better then I would never be able to. Beautiful!
Almost Endearing

Mamalina said...

You look really lovely! The top looks great on you!



Hannah said...

YOU LOOK AMAZING! And you look so happy, too, which is always good to see.
Also, Happy Belated Birthday to your dad! Tell everyone I said hello next time you're home.

YOU WENT ON A DATE! Lauren! Why did I not know about this? I'm totally fangirling on your behalf.

Oh well, I love you, dear. <3

Anonymous said...

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Courtney said...

Such a darling outfit & I love that fedora! Super cute. :)

Kezzie said...

The crop top is cute, go you! BUT, in the winter with SNOW on the ground- a bare stomach???? You suffer for your art far more than I would- I am an old lady officially!x

Conny said...

you looks so lovely!


Unknown said...

Love, love, love this! You look great in those jeans! And the crop top is adorable--and you're right anyone can wear a crop top! They're fun and pretty!

xo, gina

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! Mad props for rocking that crop top in the snow! I'm glad to see things are going well for you :)

Unknown said...

You look stunning! You're absolutely right about being able to be yourself with out being a size 0!

i'm glad you had a lovely time and even went on a day!! :)

x Audrey

Anonymous said...

i like your top! :)Irene Wibowo

Unknown said...

You are so adorable! You always put together the loveliest outfits. This is so cute and stylish, and fun! I wear berets fairly often but you have inspired me to branch out in my hat collection a little more- I hope to find a cool fedora for the spring! :)


Unknown said...

you look so amazing! That top looks fantastic on you!

And date!? Oh. Em. GEE. That is so exciting! I really want to know what you wore. :P

Glad that you had such a great weekend!


Midwest Muse said...

I love you in pants and you just made me want Mexican.

If you ever go to a club in Akron -- whatever you do, do NOT go to Lux. Just don't do it! It's the dirtiest/nastiest place infamous for date rape. So, yeah. Anywhere else and it will be an experience!

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

This outfit is so cute! I love the crop top on you and I agree that anyone should be able to show a peek of their tummy :). Have a great time with Jessica today!



Southern (California) Belle

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