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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cobalt Blue.

Polka Dot Dress: Thrifted.
Leather Jacket, Knee Socks: H&M.
Blue Beret: Forever21.

Hello there!
A few people have expressed in the comments that they want to hear more personal things from me and I couldn't agree more! I think I've gotten into this weird blog funk where I just crank out outfit photos and don't take the time to truly write. Not that I have had anything to write about lately. Things are well; not bad, but not exceptionally good. I'm happy with contentness though! I realize I don't particularly talk a lot about college life on here though which I really should do more. I suppose I didn't know that you all would be interested, but thank you for letting me know!

So, I thought I'd share with you all a recent project I did in my fashion technology class! This class is basically an intro to learning how to use Illustrator and Photoshop in regards to fashion. This project took me seven and a half hours to do and it may not look like much, but everything is done by hand and is very detail oriented (click on the image and use 'crtl +' to zoom in and see the finer details). I created each one of the flats (technical drawings of garments that include every seam, button, ect that are sent to the manufacturer) by hand. Each flat takes a few hours to do, and doing them by hand takes even longer (thank goodness I got that over with last semester). I also had to hand create patterns and come up with a Pantone color story for my board. Each color and each pattern must be named according to your board theme. I enjoy doing this even though it is a lot of work but it's fun to sharpen my creative abilities although I won't necessarily be working with flats for my profession (it's more for the designers). Still, it is a very important skill to learn how garments are constructed and the technical work that goes into creating each piece of clothing you wear!

 Anywho! Let me know if you'd like me to keep sharing bits and pieces of my college life + major here :)

With much love, Lauren.


Mamalina said...

Just found you on Chictopia and paid a little visit to your blog!

I absolutely adore your outfits! You have a great sense of style!



Kezzie said...

Hurrah for berets! I wore my turquoise one yesterday and I was thinking how nicely a cobalt one would have gone with my outfit today, more's the pity!
P.S. I couldn't actually see your uni project, it came up with a blank and a cross.

Jeannee said...

Wow! I had no idea how very detailed such a study is - yes, do share more!!! (All classes, even the 101's :) ) Love the cobalt blue accenting here!

R said...

You are beautiful Lauren! You have the eyes to see the color combination ;)

Teddi said...

i had no idea, that took so much effort. i'm glad you enjoyed it. i adore your edgy outfit with the blue beret and shoes. :)

Mandi Johnson said...

Hey, hey! I thought I recognized that campus! Sure enough, I did! :) Checked out your About Me page and saw you are a student at Kent. Hope to see you at the Cleveland Blogger meetup! I'll be representing Canton.

OrigamiGirl said...

First of all, I really love the rocker look. The leather jackets and the long socks look so good on you!

Also, yay uni projects. I found it really interesting. Must be so useful to learn photoshop as well. I have taught myself loads over time but would like to have classes one day and invest in one of those tablet things.
And yes to more! :)

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