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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You're Where I Want To Be.

It might surprise some of you that I've never gone anywhere for spring break. No tropical paradise. No cultured European city. Not even to a neighboring county in Ohio for a day of shopping. I've always spent my spring break right at home;and I'm content with that.

Sure, it would be nice to have those exciting spring break stories and memories. A deep tan and a natural smile from coming back from an exciting place. But staying home for spring break has a beautiful allure, as well, and having been away at college I'm looking forward now more than ever to spending a week there.

Laying in my familiar bed underneath layers of covers daydreaming the best daydreams and watching the sun glint through my dusty blinds. Hopping in my VW Bug and going photo adventuring to the depths of my favorite forest, where nature keeps her best kept secrets,allowing me to peek for a moment. Frequenting my favorite thrift store and picking up so many pairs of vintage high waisted shorts that I can't even carry them out of the store. Sitting in my favorite coffee shop downtown, where the alleys are brick and the buildings tell stories and my little foam leaf slowly disappears sip after sip. It all sounds like heaven to me, and when the Sunglasses Warehouse told me they were doing a post featuring bloggers and what they were doing for spring break, I didn't feel bad telling them that I was sticking around good ole Ohio. It may be boring, but it's the kind of boring I wouldn't change for anything.

So I'll be sporting these perfect cat eye sunglasses (c/o) buzzing to and fro with my moon roof open and a smile on my face. Less than a month guys. Less than a month

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. Check out the Sunglasses Warehouse 'Spring Break Guide' they did and along with why myself, and other bloggers, chose the sunnies we did ---->


Chelsea Emily Davies said...

Love the dress! I wish they had thrift shops in Wales, life would be so much cheaper!xo


Marie said...

Lovely! Love the black and white, such pretty detail that way.

Katy said...

I have the exact same plans for my spring break, too. And I can't wait!

The Photogramps said...

Currently obsessing over cat eye sunglasses. These look great on you. The light in the last photo is perfect btw!

Julie Cottrell said...

This is such a great post! Wonderful photos!! And you look fab girl!!


Ritielle Nunes said...

Gorgeous! I love the dress and the sunglasses!

Nerd Burger said...

I toatlly agree. Going home can be the best break of all. I hope you enjoy your time.
PS: You look amazing

Marlyn Pena said...

You're lovely! I love everything about this outfit!

Kariey said...

I'm adoring this dress on you! It's positively ravishing, my dear. :)

Unknown said...

That sounds like a perfect way to spend a Spring Break! Honestly, I don't usually go anywhere either. One year I went up to NYC for a mini trip. This year, I'll be doing some traveling for work, but other than that, I'll be home. I mean, my town is opening a new Goodwill, wild horses couldn't stop me from being there. :P

Hope that these next few weeks go super fast for you!


Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

actually all of that sounds amazing to me too! i dont even remember when i've had that much time to lounge in bed a bit extra long and shop & your little adventures in the woods sound goregeous! love these sunnies on you & the retro vibe you made w/ the dress, you look amazing!

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