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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Closet Cleaning and Camera Missing...

Hello everyone!

Yeesh, sorry I haven't been posting lately or have been slow at replying/posting comments. There's a few reasons for all of my slack!

1. I had a HUGE summer assignment that I've had since the end of school to start, but I procrastinated...ugh I shoved most of the work into this last week and turned in the project yesterday. It wasn't pretty.

2. I still have no camera! It is seriously driving me insane! I haven't taken an outfit post in ages it seems like...and outfit posts are by far my favorite! :( Not having a camera is especially bothersome because summer is slipping away and my opportunities for creative photo shoots at different places are slip away, as well...

But, the good news is that a new camera is to be within my grasp very soon. Last night mom and I went to Wallyworld and took a gander at some. All I ask is that it takes pictures with a self timer. That's it. No fancy smancy stuff. Basic is all I want. I'm crossing my fingers that tomorrow (hopefully!) I can pick a camera up. I'm literally starting to die here.

Anyways, to entertain myself while I have no camera of my own, I reorganized my closet! Every year after I go on my huge fall shopping spree, I reorganize my entire closet for fall. I take ALL of my clothes out and stack them in piles of like colors on my bed. Then, one at a time I hang up every piece button,zipped, and tied up to perfection. It takes a few hours, but it's totally worth it to have all my clothes organized and ready for a new school year. This year I switched things up a bit and put my black clothes and floral clothes on the bottom rack. Then by color on the top rack: white, cream,pink,yellow,red,green,blue,purple,brown,grey, black w/ white, and finally jeans.

You may possibly wonder how I took these photos of my closet and new buys without a camera. Actually, I currently am borrowing Matt's camera! He was kind (and brave) enough to trust me with it to use until I get a new one. My mother refuses to let me take outfit pictures with it, however, and demanded me to give Matt his camera back after only two days. Hey, I can't blame her. I've already killed two cameras and I don't really want to kill a third!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of summer before fall starts rolling around! It's starting to get darker earlier, and slightly cooler in the evening. Fall is coming fast...


P.S. Thank you also for all of your lovely comments! They touch my heart and mean so much. Also I'd like to welcome some of my new followers! Up to 41? You gals are the best :)

P.S.S. I have a good contestant in the running for this year's homecoming dress! I'm going to post a picture of it tomorrow and see what you all think about it. I'm sold on it, but I just want all of your opinions, too!
HINT-it's from Modcloth! *squeals*


StephanieTJLee said...

You have 42nd now girlie :)!

Ah new camera? Me too! Hopefully I can pick mine up tomorrow. Closet cleaning was never my thing. I get a huge headache looking at my messy closet. You're right though it is worth it to tidy it up! Thanks for the inspiration!

Beth said...

I love the Summer to Fall closet redo! I get so excited for each new season.

I am SUPER EXCITED to see what might be your prom dress!!

Get that camera, girl

Londyn said...

I love closet clean out time too!! It's SO much work but totally worth it.

Unknown said...

wow it`s totally crazy!

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