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Thursday, August 19, 2010

So Much To Do, So Little Time.

Hello everyone!

I'd thought I'd just share with you a few of the things that I've recently thrifted/bought! :)

  • Black and Gold Ring (.25). As you all probably know I've been going through this huge ring fetish lately, and whenever I see a ring I want it, hehe. I thrifted this black and gold ring at my church festival that was this past weekend for only a quarter. The only thing better than rings is rings that are cheap!
  • Nude Heels ($30). If there is one thing that I will somewhat splurge on and not feel guilty about, it would have to be shoes. I have been wanting nude heels FOREVER! No, joke forever. I found this perfect pair at Gabriel Brother's one day, and since I could not stop thinking about them I knew that they would be a good buy. I've been wanting nude heels so bad because they go with everything, and also because they elongate your leg if they match the color of your skin tone. If you didn't already know, I'm actually only probably 5'3 in real life, so anything that makes my short legs look longer is a must have. These heels are seriously like my babies. I'm in love with them!
  • Floral Ruffle Blouse ($4). I thrifted this floral ruffle blouse at Goodwill just yesterday! Everything I actually tried on there looked terrible on me, but a friend from school was at Goodwill, too and gave me this shirt to try on since it didn't fit her. I loved it and I'm SO glad she gave it to me :)
  • Silver Clip On Leaf Earrings (.50). Another thrift find from the church festival! A girl can never have too many clip on earrings, hehe.

I'm actually starting to get very sad because school starts in less than two weeks for me (Aug 30). BOOO! I'm just...totally not ready for school. Ugh, this topic deserves a whole post of its own for another day. Whew, tonight I'm just too tired. I worked from 11-4 today at the pool and it was sure a scorcher! Then I also have a dentist app. tomorrow morning, work 1-5, then Blueberry Festival with Matt in the evening! Yuck, I really don't enjoy working this much, but hey, it helps to pay for things that I want. Like that Modcloth dress! Yeeep! So excited, I ordered it TONIGHT!!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last tastes of summer! I know I sure am :)



BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

i'm so bad at finding great deals =( i wish i got the luck. haha! i'm also in search for my perfect nude pumps.. sigh.. great buys tho! :) - janelle


StephanieTJLee said...

Loving the nude heels and the leaf earrings. Great finds :)! Ugh I totally understand your feeling now that school is almost starting. Well, mine starts mid-September but in a way I'm hoping it started earlier!

Maria said...

what a great deal on that beautiful ring!

Unknown said...

Wow the ring is Stunning!!

Jenna said...

Whoa that ring is gorgeous!!! I cannot believe it was only 25 cents!!! That is N-SANE!!! (as massie would say haha man I am so obsessed with the clique now!!)
The heels are beautiful!! They're so classic!!
--- Jen

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