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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Party Time!

Hello everyone!

I'm officially seventeen now: hooray! I'd like to thank you all so very much for all of the sweet comments and happy birthdays on my last post. You gals all make me smile and I'm so thankful for such great followers!

My party was nothing too big, just family and my boyfriend and his parents. I tend to get super nervous and stressed out around lots of people at parties, so I always want a small family gathering for my birthday. I had a white cake with red roses that was so, so GOOD! To match my cake I had red plates (which I thought it was sort of cool to have squares instead of circles!), red silverware, a cream table cloth, and floral napkins to tie everything together.

My mom accidentally forgot to buy candles for my cake,so the picture of me above is blowing out my imaginary 17 candles, hehe. After cake I opened presents from my family and really wanted to show you all what I got!

  • A whole box of buckeye candy from my grandma! Yum, they're my favorite :)

  • My mother and father bought for me they gorgeous pink and silver bracelet!

  • They also bought for me the the pearl ring that I love. My mom knows I've been obsessing about rings lately and it was so thoughtful of her and my dad to get me one.

  • Also, from my grandmother are the pictures of two necklaces that I saw at Target about a week ago. They are seriously some of the most adorable jewelery I've ever seen...One is a bird in a cage, and the other is a little mirror!

  • My grandmother also gave me the cute denim dress (Target), the checked tulip skirt (Thrifted), and the spectator purse (Thrifted). She spoils me too much!

  • Oh, and I didn't take a picture but my Aunt gave me a gift certificate to Forever21!! It's like the card can read my mind because it says on the front, "I want it all." Which, is always the case when I go to Forever21, haha.

  • Oh, and also not pictured is McDonald's gift certificate from Matt's parents! Matt and I are always going there to get desert after dinner :)

My birthday is still not over yet, however! Drum roll please...

Every year for my birthday I take all of the money I save all summer from life guarding and the money I get from my birthday and my mom, grandma, and I all go up to Columbus for a day for a HUGE shopping trip! Oh my goodness I'm so so excited! We don't have a Forever21 here or any of the stores I like, so I go crazy on this shopping trip. Since I only go to Forever21 once a year and it's my favorite store, I usually spend between 4-5 hours there picking out my fall wardrobe. The date set for this big shopping trip is Monday: I can hardly wait!

Hope everyone is doing great!




Sofi Moukidou said...

really nice post! nice presents! the 2 last necklaces are my favs!
oh! good shopping trip! hope you enjoy your party and your shopping!

Carys said...

Happy birthday, great presents!!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Mila said...

Happy birthday again! What great presents--they're all gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous, you're cake fits the description, yum! It sounds like you had a great birthday and party, and it sounds like you're going to have an AMAZING shopping trip, (I'm jealous!) so have fun!


Beth said...

Love the purse- that is so cute and the birdie necklace is awesome.

Happy Birthday again- can't wait to see your post-shopping post

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday!! Have fun on your shopping trip :) Can't wait to see what you get!

nikol said...

wow I love the birdcage and hand mirror necklaces. nice cake too~

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