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Friday, August 6, 2010

My First Estate Sale and Some New Finds!

Hello everyone!

Man, am I going to have a busy next few days ahead of me! Today I have to work from 4-8, then I'm jetting off to go to a birthday party for my grandfather. Tomorrow I have something special planned with Matt that you all will find out about soon enough ;) Also tommorrow, I have my little cousin's birthday party to attend. On Sunday I have a family reunion and I'm very, very,very excited because right close to where the reunion is being held is... A VINTAGE CLOTHING STORE! Yes, yes, yes! This is the only real vintage clothing store I've ever been to, and I'm sure hoping that I find something beautiful (which I'm sure won't be hard), to buy with my birthday money! Then, you all know what Monday is... HUGE SHOPPING TRIP IN COLUMBUS! Ah! I get jittery just thinking about it.

Anyways, to help contain my urge to shop lately I've bought a few cheap things at various garage sales. Here's a little about each thing!

  • Pink Polka Dot Knit Forever21 Top (.25). I couldn't pass it up. Polka dots are my favorite pattern, and the top is so soft and feels almost like pj's! It will be nice to wear to school with just jeans and some cute heels when I don't feel like dressing up quite so much. (which I have to admit doesn't happen too often...)
  • Paisley Print Forever21 Dress ($1). You all are familiar with this little beauty! It's probably my favorite out of the three pieces of clothing I got yesterday.
  • Button Front Black Dress ($1). I just thought that this little dress was so pretty. I'm always drawn to dresses/tops that button up in the front because there's just some vintage feel to it. There is one draw back to the buttons on the dress, however, and it's because you can see my skin in between! Oops, I'll definitely have to get a black cami to go underneath this dress on my upcoming shopping trip.
  • Beige 1940's Hat ($2). Okay, so I went to my first estate sale today and it was both creepy,but yet fascinating at the same time. I'm sure the house at one time must have been absolutely beautiful, but it was really run down and I could tell it hasn't been taken care of in a long time. Some old women recently passed away that lived there, so EVERYTHING in her house was for sale. She had no children. The house was very old, and surprisingly a lot bigger than I would have ever thought. It was strange walking through the house and seeing everything just as the women had left it before she died. The saddest thing for some reason for me was when I looked on her dresser I opened up a lipstick tube and it was half used. Also, all of her family pictures and portraits were for sale. Just very sad. I bought the hat for two dollars and it felt like I was stealing from this poor dead woman. Every time I wear the hat I'm going to think about her...

Thrifting total: $4.25!

Hope everyone has a good start to the weekend! I'm not sure how much I'll be in blog world with all of the stuff I have going on. Until then, see you everyone! :)



Mila said...

Wow,I love all the things you've bought! I don't blame you for not being able to pass up the Forever21 stuff--who can resist their clothing? I just got a dress from there and it's in my most recent post--it reminds me of some of your Forever21 dresses. The Estate sale does sound a little creepy...and really sad. The hat is beautiful though.


Beth said...

I can't believe you got all that for 4.25. I spent more than that today on Ice Pops.

Love the black and blue dress- so classic.

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