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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Had The Best Day With You...

-  I promise we're not naked! You just can't see our suits!

Matt trecking through the jungle trail...haha.

Me sitting on a little alacove on the rock trail!

Ew! A dead fish...

A view of the rocks we climbed. Isn't the scenery breathtaking?!

The lifehouse we wanted to get to but didn't :(

Matt is King Kong, haha.

Isn't he adorable!?!

Mattie and Lauren at the end of the rock trail.

Our names written in the sand <3

Hello everyone!

My family and Matt's family went up to the lake for the day yesterday for a little last "hoorah" to summer! Oh my goodness, it was seriously one of the best days I've had all summer. We arrived at the beach around twelve and stayed until about five. It was an absolutely gorgeous and such a perfect day which was surprising since it really has been cooler lately. Matt and I did all sorts of fun physical activity things like Frisbee, water football and we did some MAJOR exploring!

It's hard to explain but there was this path of HUGE rocks that led out into the lake and toward a lighthouse. We found the path in a bunch of overgrown trees and were so curious as to if the rocks led to the lighthouse! It was super beautiful to look out from the rocks at the lake and there were always these little shaded areas were a person could just sit and look out at the sea. In spots it was really tricky to climb the rocks because they were tipped in all sorts of weird positions, but we made it to the end! The lighthouse sadly was not at the end, but it was on a separate piece of land across the water. It was still so much fun to make it to the end of the path and the scenery around was breathtaking. It was such a special experience to share with Matt and something I'll never forget! We climbed down the side of the rocks and almost into the lake for a great little adventure! Matt was so fearless jumping from rock to rock and was practically rock climbing! I was constantly nagging at him to be careful: I'm such a worry wort! :)

It was honestly such an amazing day. It made me so sad to think that school was right around the corner! It's not even really around the corner but TOMORROW!

Yes, tommorrow is the first day of my Junior year. Boy, am I nervous! Right now I have my hair in foam rollers to sleep in and I still have to finish up a few summer assignments... Nothing like waiting until the last minute! I'm so sad that tomorrow will be the last first day of high school that Matt will ever have. It scares me so much really. I have been dreading Matt's senior year ever since we started dating. I don't want him to leave me behind while he moves on with his life! It's one of my goals to make this year my and Matt's best year of high school yet. I want to make it special for him. Something he'll never forget.

Well, the next time I post will be tomorrow after school! I'm sure I'll have all sorts of fun stories to tell you all. Oh, and an outfit post, of course! It's going to get very interesting in the next months... hehe.

Night everyone! Wish me good luck for tomorrow :)




Maria said...

I'm glad you had such a great day. Hope you have a wonderful first day at school! Can't wait to see your outfit post.

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

aw, looks really fun!! you two are adorable :)


Unknown said...

Oh how cute you guys are :)

Christina said...

aww very cute! im at the beach right now too :)

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