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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Coral Maxi Dress: Forever21.

Hello everyone!

I'd just like to thank you all again for all of the additional happy birthdays and lovely comments! Oh, also I'd like to say hello and welcome to a few of my new followers! It means so much to me to have all of your support...

Well, I've had this dress quite a long time actually, and it hasn't been used much at all this summer even though that's when I really wanted to wear it: during the summer! Sometime in the late winter/early spring I ordered this dress from Forever21.com and fell in love with it! The bright color, romantic length, the easy breeziness of it. I could just imagine myself wearing it on a scorching hot day in the summertime with a big floppy hat and sandals. Yeah, too bad at the time there was snow outside! I was stubborn enough to wear it to school ,however, but with a cardigan over or a t-shirt underneath made the dress just less appealing to me.

I thought that when summer rolled around that this would be one of my favorite dresses to wear, but I sort of forgot about the poor thing! Last night looking through my wardrobe I spotted it and fell in love all over again. I knew I wanted to do a very natural and sort of 1970's inspired shoot. I hardly wore any makeup (just a bit of cover up, I am a teenager and for Pete's sake. I get a new pimple practically everyday!), and I wanted to do no shoes and no jewelery.

Just as I got at the nature center to take shoots by the gorgeous lake, the weather had other plans of letting me go through with my photo shoot! It started to downpour! I'm sure if anyone would have saw me tripping over my maxi dress, sprinting with a tripod under my arm to my VW bug, they would have been on the ground rolling over laughing...

See you all tomorrow! :)



Mila said...

These pictures are so gorgeous!! I love the maxi dress--I really need to get one...:p Jeez, Iowa and Ohio look very much alike. We have tons of ponds like the one that you're at, and lots of cornfields...but I guess that's no surprise. I love these pictures so much--now I want to go to a pond and take outfit photos;)


Anonymous said...

lillypads... :)

Carys said...

Your dress is so beautiful, you have such great photos!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

JGO said...

Hi There,
I'm Jacqueline and I'm one of your new followers. Happy Birthday even if I'm a few days late. I enjoy reading your blog. It's very nice and you're pictures are beautiful.

Mandy said...

Such a pretty summery dress - I love it :) Love your photos too!

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