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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Tribute To the 80's...

Black Strong Shoulder Blazer: Forever21.
Floral Dress (actually a skirt): Thrifted.
Black Belt: Forever21.
Silver Leaf Clip On Earrings: Thrifted.
Black Stiletto Heels: Thrifted.

Hello everyone!!

This outfit is just what I wore for the second day of school! The second day of school outfit it almost as important at the first. It has to be equally strong, if not stronger because it is important to show everyone that you just didn't get dressed all up for the first day of school, but are fashionable everyday.

I wanted to put something together that sort of commanded attention, but was soft and feminine at the same time. Also, I had to keep in mind my polished and lady like theme I have going on for this year! I knew that this blazer would be the perfect piece to wear for the second day of school. I love the sculpted strong shoulders that scream 1980's, but in a classier way rather than humungous shoulder pads. Since the jacket is so masculine and strong shaped, I wanted to add a feminine and girly element to the outfit to make it softer. The heels were the POW of the outfit! My goodness I just love heels... The clickety clack they make in the hallways as I walk, the way they elongate my legs and whole body, and of course how they improve my posture! It's like I slip on a pair of heels and I instantly become confident. Heels are like magic :) I got so many people asking me today how I wasn't breaking my ankles walking in these things. Frankly, I don't know either. These heels are the second highest I have: 4.5 inches and a killer to walk in! I always say though, practice makes perfect! :)

Hope everyone is doing fan-tastic! Oh, and I won't be taking outfit pictures tomorrow because I'm wearing that black and white trumpet skirt/ key whole neck/ tie bow dress I did for The Notebook inspired post. The only difference in styling for tomorrow is that I'm wearing these gorgeous 1940's look alike shoes that I thrifted last week (which I will have pictures of soon)! My hair, accessories, and everything else will be the same, so there is no sense in taking pictures! I will tomorrow be posting a little hair trick that I have been infatuated with lately! See you all tomorrow ;)


P.S. I just wanted to take the time to answer Christine's question. Christine since you follow through google reader I couldn't find any other way to reply to your question besides on here! Hope that's okay hehe. Usually I go to Easton to do my fall shopping, but this year I actually went to Polaris instead. The Forever21 at Easton is just too big and overwhelming for me to go through! In the past I have spent 5+ hours in it! The Forever21 at Polaris is more to my liking: smaller, and a much more confided space. It only took me around 3.5 hours to go through that one! That is so cool that you go to OSU Columbus for school! I have considered going to tour there and it is on my list of visits. Perhaps if I take a tour there you could show me around! :)


Modest wrappings said...

simple yet youthful and smart. LOVE IT!
i dont know if its ou or the outfits but i think you can pull off ANYTHING! unlike some of us :( haha xo

Modest wrappings said...


disco said...

Love the dress! Very feminine and pretty. =D

x Mavy

Mila said...

So pretty! I NEED a blazer like that:) You're completely right about looking good on the second day...you have to show everyone that it's not just one day that you can look good. I like to wear lots of my very favorite clothing in the first week of school haha, and then wear pretty much equally cute stuff the next week. Haha...


Louise (Fifth Sparrow) said...

I swear, you are the most stylish junior in high school ever! I definitely didn't dress as well as you when I was your age (I wanted to, but never did...definitely a regret!) Love your first and second day looks, so lovely and feminine! xx

Sofi Moukidou said...

love the way you wear that dress with that blazer!

Unknown said...

aw, thanks for the shoutout/reply! I was so surprised by it - I was just about to go and look at the original blog to see if you had posted a comment there. The Forever 21 at Polaris is pretty legendary itself. Two floors, my gosh! I know what you mean about the Easton one being overwhelming, though.

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

really cute dress!


Mandy said...

Am loving that blazer!

Anonymous said...

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