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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Homecoming Dress 2010?

Modcloth: Lace of Our Lives Dress. $57.99
Well hello everyone!

So just about everyday I admit to drooling hopelessly over Modcloth's beautiful dresses dreaming that someday I might own one. Unfortunately, the prices are too high for me to spend so much on just one day dress! I've been thinking for awhile now that the prices aren't actually all that unreasonable for school dance dresses...hehe. While scanning yesterday, I came across the absolutely stunning dress above! This dress just has everything I could want. It's feminine, girly, romantic, classy, retro. What in the world is not to love?! For some odd reason it reminds me of Juliet Capulet, whom I absolutely love. I would pair shimmering gold accessories and sky high nude heels with the dress. My hair would be up in a fancy, romantic updo with curly
tendrils cascading around my face. My eyes would sparkle with gold shadow and have accents of light pink. My date, oh my date would look so very dashing in his suit with his arm looped around mine. My corsage would be be light pink roses with accents of gold...

Oh, a girl can dream can't she!? I would love nothing more than to own this dress to wear for my school's homecoming which is in October. What do you all think about it? Is it realistic? Is it too much money? Will it suit my body type? Please, opinions! Sometimes my head tends to get stuck in the clouds and my imagination roams wild. My family and Matt seem less enthusiastic about it than I do. I'm convinced that they are "see it to believe it people." For me, I don't have to see the dress on me to know that I will love it.

For the past two days this dress has been all that I can think about. I.must.stop.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful (and slightly less obsessive) rest of the weekend, and a good Monday tomorrow! Until then...
P.S. Still no camera :(


Anna Corinne said...

that is a gorgeous dress. i dont think it is too much money, and i love the way you would style it! get the dress. ;)

Beth said...

I think it is fantastic. Plus, it is not too too too prommy so you would be able to keep it in your closet and wear it forever, which makes it much less expensive when you divide the price by the number of uses

Mila said...

So pretty!! I'd say go for it--you're only in high school once. That's a gorgeous dress, and it's perfect for you!


StephanieTJLee said...

The price is not bad at all for a Homecoming dress. Plus its ADORABLE :)!! Homecoming only happens in high school so if you found one perfect dress then YOU GET IT GURL!

Now I miss high school oh so dearly :(.

Jenna said...

Whoa that dress is GORGEOUS!!! It would look amazing on you!!! Plus you can keep on wearing it --- as my high school friend says "don't buy a prom dress, buy a dress for prom" and homecoming is like the same thing, so it's completely worth it!!
--- Jen

Kayla said...

I love the dress. Well really I love anything on ModCloth. Not too expensive at all. It's an investment!

Great blog.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Sofi Moukidou said...

love that dress! it's just for you! so romantic! so retro!
allthought you could add some accesories to make it more rock, so you could wear it easier!

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I think this would be such a pretty homecoming dress!! Plus, it's the kind of dress you could totally wear again so it wouldn't be a one-wear wonder.

xoxo, Ashley

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