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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Keeping A Comfortable Distance.

Paisley Print Forever21 Dress; Thrifted.
Teal Belt: Thrifted.
Brown Charlotte Russe Wedges: Thrifted.
Purple Drop Bead Necklace: Gift from a neighbour.

Hello everyone!

I went on a little thrifting adventure today and came home with some winners which I can't wait to show you all tommorrow! One of the beauties I found today, however, was this dress!

Now, I am totally against low cut necklines because 1. I don't have enough to fill them out 2. I always feel sort of skanky when I wear them! Although this dress has a rather low...ahem... sorry, very low cut neckline I really liked the pattern and shape of the dress. And for goodness sakes: it was from Forever21 and only a dollar. I couldn't resist the temptation.

Upon trying the dress on at home, I realized with relief that the neckline actually didn't look all that bad! Hooray! I am super excited to wear this dress in the fall. I know, I know I should cherish summer while it's here, but I just can't help myself. My heart is just aching to do some fun layering looks... For this dress I paired it with some tall brown boots, a purple cardigan, and also a teal beret the matches perfectly! Fall is by far my favorite season to dress for!

Thanks for all of your comments and kindness!


Mila said...

I love that dress!! It looks great on you, don't worry about the neckline, it's not too low. I can't wait to see your new finds!


Unknown said...

This dress is perfect on you! The neckline is not too low, I feel that super-low necklines look "skanky" when over flowing with boobage ;)
I would love to have your chest! It is perfect for low necklines!!! Your shots are awesome too!

The Semi Sweet said...

Fab dress!! You look terrific and what a steal! Whenever I feel like something is a little low, I always throw on one of those uber cheap tank tops from Forever21 underneath. It makes me feel more comfortable, I guess.

Mary said...

I love this dress! Seriously a great deal-- and so cute! I, unfortunately, cannot ever wear anything without a tank underneath, bummer. Love, love, love this, though!

Jenna said...

Ooh the dress and belt match perfectly!!! I can't wait to see what else you got!!
--- Jen

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