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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Clothing Cut outs and a Magnificent Dinner.

Ahh..This above could be what you call one of my "hobbies" or.. you could call it a complete waste of time that is very fun! ha :) I get various fashion magazines through the mail and usually I look at them once, and then it's time to get out the scissors! What I do is cut out any piece of clothing, shoes, or accessory that I would LOVE to have, or think is beautiful. Then, once I get a large collection of all my cut outs, I'll put together little collages, like in the pictures above! It's a really fun way to pass time,and dream about owning the items I cut out...I wish!

Today was pretty busy though from beginning to end! This afternoon I went with my grandma and sister to our mall, which is most likely the stinkest mall in the country, but hey you take what you can get. We just browsed around, my grandma got a shirt for my dad for Christmas, my sister visited Santa, and we ate handmade chocolate turtles that I probably didn't need to eat.. ;) Oh, I almost forgot that I got some new tights as well; five pairs to be exact! As you can read by my outfit desciptions, I always have my mom's tights on, but now I actually got around to getting my own! It's not that I haven't ever had my own, it's just I have extremly bad luck with tights and always seems to be snagging mine.. So anyways I got three pair of black, a blue,and a cream pair for only $4.50! Thanks grandma!!

My evening was busy as well! My boyfriend, Matt, and I make homemade gifts as well as bought gifts for eachother every year. So tonight was out night to exchange the gifts, and I had a beyond fenomenal time! He always trys to be sneaky and trick me with what he does every time,and let me tell you it works! The only hint he gave me was not to eat... So when I went over to his house I recieved my present; a lovely dinner he made! We had delicious steaks wrapped in bacon, mashed potatoes with melting butter, and juicy green beans! It was all set up on a table with beautiful poinsettias in a vase and a red candle lit! For desert we had this pie called turtle pie, which is to die for! After dinner we watched the movie Four Christmases, and just sat and talked. It was a nice, relaxing evening...I wouldn't have traded it for anything else!

Tommorow my family is heading back over to his house for a little get together, and also to exchange our bought gifts. I'm very anxious...!


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