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Friday, December 11, 2009

Houndstooth Print.

One of my favorite prints,which I wished I had more of in my wardrobe, is Houndstooth! There is a chic elegance about it in everything that it covers, and completes every outfit with ease...I only own two things that have a houndstooth print; the dress I wore for Thanksgiving, and also a babydoll top.

My favorite piece in the above pictures would defintely have to be the first item; it's called a ruana. It reminds me of this poncho I used to have when I was younger, it was white and knitted, kind of an ugly little thing. This "ruana" is much more attractive, and especially more practical; it looks quite warm! I tried it on at Kohl's the other day when out shopping for a band concert T-shirt, and it ended up looking lovely! I can already picture wearing it with black jeans, a snazzy pair of heels, and a black bow headband..

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Maria said...

I have a dress similar to the one you posted, except mine is strapless. I stillhaven't worn it though, but seeing these pictures reminded me of just how much I love it.

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