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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She Actually Owns Jeans?!

Cream lace Blouse: Old Navy.
JEANS!: Delia's.
Beige Pumps: Thrifted.
Long Pearls: Thrifted.
Pearl Bracelet:Wal-Mart.
Brown Stone Bracelet: Gift form boyfriend.
Narrow Brass Bracelets: Kohl's.

After digging around in my closet last night, I was having one of those times where nothing looks good, and you are very bored with what you wear. Dress, tights,bows...blah... So, I came across something I don't wear very often; jeans! It's not that I don't ever wear jeans, but I do not ever wear jeans that aren't skinny at the bottom. I have (I guess you would call them) "flair" jeans, but they haven't been for two years...

Partially because I gained an obsession with dresses, and also I always felt they were unflattering to my short body; omly making my stumpy legs look stumpier. When the idea came across to me last night to try and make an outfit with flair jeans, I got kind of excited to try something new! After much tugging ,and yanking, the jeans did go on ( not wearing them for years makes them need a good stretch!), and I was quite pleased. All except for I think they might be too tight, which means I have probably gained some weight...ha.
I was so happy though today with the outcome of my outfit; that I have ANOTHER jeans outfit planned for tomorrow! Shocking right?! Now I don't want anyone to get the idea though that this is going to be a regular thing now...my dresses will take over again soon enough :)

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