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Monday, December 14, 2009

Cascading Curls.

Lately, I've been really wishing for long hair again. Just this last summer I chopped my beyond shoulder length hair into a chin length bob, and I have regretted doing this ever since! How much I miss my long hair sometimes...especially when I see pictures of gorgeous, long, shiny hair; oh how I'm envious! Whether done in retro curls or not, I think the impact of long curls in general is stunning! Here are just a few ways to get the type of curls above..
  • Hot Rollers: In my opinion this is the easiest, most nautural, and most effective way to curl hair, that also lasts a long time. It's a simple process of heating up rollers, pining them into your hair, letting them cool,and them taking them out! They create beautiful rings that are bouncy, volumous, and shiny; they also work great for creating retro styles!
  • Curling Iron: For me this is a difficult tool to use, but perhaps for some it is only a simple task. I think that maybe if you have thicker or longer hair that it makes it alot harder to curl your hair with an iron. All the procedure is is taking a small section of hair, clamping it to the iron, and spinning the iron upward to curl the hair. You hold for about 10 seconds or so, then release to get a perfect ringlet! Some additional problems for me though with a curling iron is that they hardly ever stay in, are time consuming,and also you may get dents in the ends if you don't clamp far enough down the end.
  • Pin Curls: The old fashioned way to curl hair! If you have the technique down of pincurls, they are like rollers; easy, long lasting, and natural looking. However, if you are like myself and have not mastered the art of pincurls, it can be a difficult proccess that results in a raccon-nest hair do! Here is a link for how to style pincurls.. http://www.ehow.com/how_2084103_create-pin-curls.html
  • Velcro Rollers: I personally have never tried this method, but have been hoping to someday soon! They are a very cheap this to buy at any drug store near you, and the price tag isn't too high either. The concept is similar to hot rollers, except you don't heat them up, but rather you place them in slightly damp or dry hair and leave them in for a bit. When you take them out; you then have a head full of bouncing curls!
Oh, how I wish my short hair would grow faster!!

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