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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jackie Kennedy.

Currently in History class we are studying about John F. Kennedy, his contributions,and his assassination. (I actually should probably be studying for the test right now...) We have been watching quite a few movies about him,his life, and his wife; Jackie, always caught my eye when I saw her. Jackie Kennedy was not someone I had never heard of, and I knew she was very fashionable; however, I never quite realized how beautiful and chic she really was! I was compelled to do some research on her and her impact on fashion in the early 1960's. Here are some of the tricks Jackie used to look sophisticated, refined,and charming..
  • Jackie wasn't ever afraid to break the standard and be different with her clothes, even if it had people talking. Although hoop skirts were all the rage,Jackie introduced the A-line, sleeveless dress to the United States, which was a phenomenal hit. Along with wearing sleeveless dresses, Jackie continued to make contributions to fashion by making pantsuits and also shorter skirts popular.Even though many thought it was not appropriate for her to show her arms and legs as a First Lady, Jackie stayed true to her self and her style.
  • Another reason why Jackie Kennedy always looked so put together was she knew what looked good on her body. Structured pieces were a must, and everything was tailored,so it fit to a T. Jackie was proud of her body and showed it in a way that was not provocative, but it displayed confidence in herself and her looks.
  • Although Jackie was the First Lady to the President of the United States, that didn't mean she had to only wear clothes made in America. Often, Jackie liked to buy and wear European designs, especially ball gowns by Valentinio and Givenchy.Chanel Suits and Hermes scarfs were also very popular things she liked to wear Europeanly made. Politically though, it did not look good to wear so many European designs, so a man named Oleg Cassini, a French born man turned American, would make European look alikes for her.
  • Along with tailored pieces, a great eye for color certainly helped Jackie catch the public's attention. She was known for mixing wild colors, like pink and orange, together, but would pull the look off effortlessly. Often times she stuck mainly to solid colors, and wore bright shades as well as muted ones. One of Jackie's favorite looks was to pair white pants with a black top,particularly turtlenecks. She said that black bottoms and white tops looked too much like waiter attire; therefore, she switched the look around!
  • Simplicity was the key to Jackie's style, and she never felt that she had to be,or look over done. She was okay with wearing jeans,and didn't have to dress up everyday. Jackie even shopped at places like the Gap! Her clothes had a special quality about them, even if they weren't the most elaborate and detailed pieces. Jackie would out shine anyone in a fancy intricate ballgown over her simple,but elegant shapes, hairstyles, and jewelry.
  • Finally, here are some additional essential pieces that Jackie often wore:

1. Big, dark, round sunglasses. Jackie even admitted she liked wearing sunglasses so she could watch and study people.

2. Three Strand Pearl Necklaces.

3. White Gloves. Especially with ballgowns.

4. Pill Box Hats. Once Jackie accidently put a dent in her pillbox; however, the public loved the look and started wearing them the same way!

5. Her hair in a Bouffant style.

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