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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Little Christmas Shopping and Room Re-doing.

Printed Dress: JCPenny's.
Beige Pumps: Thrifted.
Maroon Cardigan: Oldnavy.
Brown Belt: Kohl's.

This was actually my absolute favorite dress to wear last summer; if I just needed to throw something on quick that still looked nice, this would be my go-to! It can also be worn as a skirt also, which I have never tried, long skirts don't look good on my short body...lol.

Today my mom, boyfriend,and I went out to Target; my boyfriend was picking things for Christmas presents for me, and my mom doing a little shopping as well. Some things that caught my fancy were a flower print scarf, a teal Beret, and a pair of beautiful T-strap heels. I don't know exactly what my boyfriend picked for me, but I would be delighted with any of them!

Also, while browsing around in Target, I came upon this huge painting/picture of Audrey Hepburn which was gorgeous. I would love to have something like that in my room in the future; for I am revamping it a bit! For years and years I have had my American Girl Doll furniture set out by the left wall of my room. Obviously, I don't play with all of that anymore, so I recently packed all of it away in boxes. Now I have a big wall to fill up with things, and I definitely have some ideas!

I'd like to get a full length mirror for when I try on my outfits I can look there instead of trekking down to the basement to look in that mirror. Also, I would like to have a small, low to the floor shelf to display some of my prized pairs of shoes! On the wall itself, I'm planning on putting up a shelf to put jewelry on, and hooks to hang up my vintage hats! Any decorative pictures to hang up would be nice also! Maybe sometime in the future I can actually find time to do this little project of mine..

P.S. Only 13 days until Christmas :)

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