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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rain Drops on My Face.

All Bow Headbands: Forever21 and Claire's.

If I'm ever unsure about an outfit, or feel like something is missing, I know that a bow headband will always make my outfit complete! They are my favorite accessory to wear, and easy to find and affordable,too! They come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and sizes..Unfortunately I want them all! They make me feel like a little girl again, you know, the one who plays on the swings and draws with chalk, and who still thinks boys are icky. Sometimes I feel like Minnie Mouse with them on also, which isn't a bad thing of course :)
It has been raining a lot today, which most people would hate but I absolutely adore it. Rain is one of my favorite things, and it always helps relax me. Something about the soft pitter patter on the roof at night put me right to sleep in no time.. It is also a blast to try if you haven't yet to go out and dance in the rain. You feel so liberated and free, and almost like your invincible. One of my favorite ago. It was nighttime, pouring rain, and my sister and I were just out spinning and twirling as the rain soaked us to the bone. My dad just about had a cow when he found out we were outside, but it was so much fun we didn't care. Right now I have the strong want to go out and stand in the rain, and just let the raindrops just hit my face,and not have a care in the world..

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