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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree..

Today my sister and I put up our Christmas Tree! Putting up the tree has always been one of my favorite traditions to do, and makes me only love Christmas more! I put Holiday music on the computer, and we had cups of hot coco, which was a blast! We only have about a million ornaments that take a long time to put on, but the end result is always worth it...The ornaments I liked as a kid are still my favorites; the Little Mermaid spinner, the fisher with a piranha biting it's hind end, the little house with the furniture inside...all hold memories for me!

As a joke when when we were putting up the tree, I dressed my sister up like the "tree," and just had to take a picture! We wrapped the tree skirt around her, hung some lights and beads around her body, and the angel on top to complete my little "tree"!
The pictures above show the steps we took at setting up our tree.

1. Putting the Tree together. We have a fake tree, so we have to put the pieces and parts where they need to go to set it all up!
2. Christmas lights. After only two strands of lights, I came to the realization that none of the other strands worked. And of course, we were only half way up the tree! My dad had to make a quick Wal-Mart stop to get more lights, however, they didn't have any so he went to handy dandy CVS.
3. The red beads. Something we have always put on our tree throughout the years. It really wouldn't be complete without them!
4. Ornaments. We have everything from traditional spheres, homemade crafts, and ones store bought throughout the years...
5. The finishing touch of course? THE ANGEL!


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