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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Blustery Day.

Hounds tooth dress: Kohl's.
Tights: JCPenny's.
Pearls: Kohl's.
Black Open Front Cardigan: (Christmas) Forever21.
Black Beret
Spectator Shoes: Thrifted.
Pin: (Christmas) American Eagle.

Sorry for the poor quality photos, what a blustery and snowy day it has been! The weather made it impossible to get any good photos,so I tried taking a few upcloses of some pieces. I was so disappointed when I put together the PERFECT outfit this morning...it was the new vintage dress I got for Christmas, mentioned in the previous post. Unfortunately, it was not too practical of an outfit; short sleeves, knee socks, heels..yeah, not too smart to wear in the middle of a snow storm. So very relectatly I put away that outfit, to perhaps save for a day that is not so winter weather filled!

The outfit above was the replacement of the first, and although I quite liked it, it still wasn't as perfect as the oringinal ensemble. Oh well, I probably saved myself alot of frostbite.. My mother, sister, grandma, and I ventured out into the blizzard to do a bit of shopping today, mostly just returns. I did though get a few things with the money from returning a coat from Kohl's! One was actually a thing I've been subconsciously wanting: A new pair of skinny jeans! I just noticed the other day that almost all of my skinny jeans have a peculiar faded mark on the right knee...I must bend down on that one alot? Anyways, I thought it would be a good idea to get a new pair. Also, I picked up a darling little trench coat that I had my eyes on a few weeks back. Although it was by the Candies Brand, not usually my thing, I really have a sweet spot for this piece. It's light pink with black pipping along the sleeves and bottom, and also has black buttons. A snazzy black belt cinches the waist to add the finishing touch! It's long sleeve to boot, making it even better for winter weather!

Along with wanting to do a million outfit posts right now, I've been itching to do a post on the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. Lately I've been gathering information and pictures, so I should be doing a post pretty soon!


Anonymous said...

HOLA!!! C: ! i love all your clothes!!! these days not all the people wear this type of dress like you!! your clothes are lovely C: !!! PERFECT OUTFIT!! you inspire me !! seriously i'm gonna wear all type of clothes and not only wear this ''teenager clothes'' that everybody usually wear!!! being original is better!!

celeste said...

this is an absolutely adorable outfit!!!

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