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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cookie Baking and Grinch Watching...

Black Bow Dress: Gabriel Brother's.
Red Cardigan: Gabriel Brother's.
Black Tights: Mom's.
White Necklace: Stolen from Mom (haha)
Black T-strap Wedges: Gabriel Brother's.
Red beret: Target.

Today was just a rather lazy but relaxing day! As usual, I went to church this morning and drove, currently I have my permit so I practice driving all the time. I actually could have gotten my license in August; however, for my birthday I recived from my parents the car of my dreams; a red slug bug! It was truely prefect except for one thing;I would have to learn how to drive a standard! So throughout the months it has been a real challenge to learn how to drive my little buggie, but I have finally mastered the technique and can get my license very soon. Perhaps in the next two weeks actually! Anyways, this morning when I drove to church it was the first time I had ever drove in the snow and ice, so I was a bit scared. It wasn't too bad though, almost all of it had melted by the time we drove home! I must say that it was a fun adventure :)

This afternoon I also watched my favorite Christmas movie, a tradition to watch every Christmas season, The Grinch! I watch every year both the Jim Carey movie, and the original animated one by Dr. Suess, but today I watched the Jim Carey one. I still enjoy watching it and get a laugh at all the silliness!

Right now my family is over having a cookie baking marathon, which makes the house smell delicious! My mother, grandma, and aunt are all making cookies of all sorts...I swear they're trying to make me not fit into my clothes...

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