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Friday, December 18, 2009

Lauren the Elf loves making toys...And Christmas Break!

Red Turtleneck: Kohl's.
Gery Skirt: Thrifted.
Red Ribbon: Forever21.
Green Tights: ??
Silver Necklace: Mom's.
Red Pumps: Kohl's.
Hat: Gift from when I was in grade school!

Today was absolutely, positively one of the best last days of school before break that I've ever had! Haha maybe looking like an elf added to it? I had so much fun with this outfit( as you can see from the silly pictures, like the one of me "making" a chair! :)) Other than my festive Christmas outfit, I enjoyed the day because of the utter nonsense of doing nothing, and eatting so many sweets until I felt sick!

In Spanish we watched the Grinch, is espanol of course! Chemistry was actually( gasp!) fun for once! We made pretty designs on filter paper, and then had water soak them so that the colors blurred together, but end up looking beautiful! Also, in band we watched the movie Elf, which is such a classic and so much fun to watch! All of our classes were shortened, for at the end of the day there was a wonderful holiday assembly!

Last year I did not get to see it, for we had a snow day on the day before Christmas break and didn't go to school. Watching it for the first time was fantastic though, and I had a blast! Many of the different choir groups sang fun tunes, and of course a traditional song always sung since I was in Kindergarten; called Fruitcake! It's still everyone's favorite, even as highschoolers! The teaching staff also did funny skits poking fun at us kids and the stupid things we ask sometimes. It was hilarious! They also sand the " 12 Days of Christmas," but a teacher version. Here a few of the lines that I remember, "one teacher in a classroom, two principles, three bunsen burners,four lab rats, five tangent rules, six noble gases, seven cookies baking, eight schedules changing, nine crepes a' flippin..." Can't remember the rest! The teacher put on a little skit also about the "5 things the seniors gripe most about!" Which was by the way one of the funniest things I've ever seen! Finally,the jazz band played the tunes to end the show, and with that my Christmas Break official began!

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