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Friday, December 6, 2013

Merry Catmas.

Cat Christmas Sweater: (Target) but a gift from my grandma.
Red Dress (worn underneath): Modcloth.
Tights: c/o OASAP.
Black Flats: c/o Pink and Pepper.
Lipstick in MAC's Lady Danger.

Hi everyone! ♥
Tonight I am excited because I'm going to the NAV Christmas party. And not to mention it IS and ugly sweater party so it was time to break out my 'ugly' (not in my book) cat sweater! I love this sweater and wish I could wear it every day in December. It has little velvet bows on the bottom and on the cat's collar even a tiny bell that jingles. Gram, I know you're reading this and this sweater is the best gift you've ever given me! 

The snow is back in Ohio and for that I'm thankful. December was looking too much like November, and it deserves to be its own special month. I just have this weekend, Monday, and part of Tuesday then I head home for a glorious month long winter break. Just got to get through these last projects and finals first! x

Hope you all have a beautiful start to your weekend tonight! 

With much love, Lauren.


Katie Selt said...

That sweater is so ugly it'd gorgeous. My boyfriend was going to buy it for me as a joke for out anniversary a few weeks ago, but he realized I liked it, so he didn't buy it.


marcia said...

This outfit is darling, and the snow in your hair is gorgeous.

Unknown said...

This is so adorable and festive! I love your quirky cat sweater. This is the best time of the year for silly sweaters. I actually think you styled it wonderfully with those awesome tights and over your pretty red dress.

Sara said...

LOVE this outfit! you look beautiful lauren! whats better than a cat sweater? NOTHING!


Unknown said...

I think that sweater is utterly ridiculous... in the best of ways! Love the little peter pan collar. And the close-up picture of you with snow in your hair - beautiful!
xoxo, Lindsey Dish

Mary said...

You are a sartorial GENIUS, Lauren!! I'm so serious. Always so inspiring.

Unknown said...

How could anyone think that sweet cat sweater ugly? Kitschy and cute and wonderful :) And you know I love those heart tights so I really appreciate that closer look at them on those stunning legs. And, oh wow dear, that 3rd picture is straight out of a fashion mag or a calendar titled "Classic Beauty." Those cheekbones, those perfect lips and that gorgeous hair. You make me smile so much, sweetie. GL on your college stuff and enjoy the snow xoxo

Madison Martine said...

This outfit is amazing! I am obsessed with your tights!

Madison Martine

Madison Martine said...
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Lauren said...

That sweater is so cute! I've never really had a chance to do the whole Christmas sweater thing as it's summer over here!
Would love if you could show us how you did your hairstyle! (It looks particularly lovely covered in snow!) :p

Lauren xx


Cindi said...

The third picture of you with all the snow in your hair is probably the most beautiful I've ever seen of you.



Kezzie said...

It's a sweet jumper and how fortunate it's in your trademark red! Love how you styled it. Were you frozen taking these? I haven't worn my cat sweater for a while! X

Sammi said...

These photos are SO gorgeous, and I love that you layered this dress under the sweater! Such a great outfit, and the snow is stunning!

xox Sammi

Elliementary, My Dear said...

You look adorable :) These pictures are so magical with the snow too.

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

You look absolutely adorable! That lipstick suits you so well! :)

Vicki said...

That sweater looks absolutely adorable on you! You're definitely able to pull it off. I love how you styled it as well! You look lovely!

decked out in ruffles

Esther said...

These are the most Christmassy pictures ever!!! That snow is awesome :-) Beautiful as always Lauren x

Allyssa said...

I love this outfit!! I love shorter skirt with the sweater! Adorable!

Unknown said...

You look like a snow angel Lauren! And the jumper is so gorgeous, your grandma has an amazing eye for cute things!

xx Carina

sophie lou said...

you look gorgeous!! I freeeking love that cat jumper!! xx

Unknown said...

Such a cute little post. Jumper is so christmassy!


Ester Durães said...

this is the cutest Christmas outfit I've ever seen! you look lovely, girl!
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit, and you look like an absolute princess with the hair do and the snow.

Anonymous said...

Cutie! Look at that smile!!!

lovelyapple said...

I love this whole look!!! I'm especially loving your hair *0*
Is there a tutorial for how you did this sort of relaxed maiden braid look that you can link me to?
And you have just officially convinced me to get off the fence and buy that dress which has been sitting in my wishlist for awhile haha

Unknown said...

This sweater is just so perfect!


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