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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Through a New Lens.

Plaid Dress (hemmed), Loafers: Thrifted.
Charm Necklace, Cardigan: Forever21.
White Beanie: Aeropostale.
Lipstick in MAC's Lady Danger.

I always feel like I'm passing up awesome vintage pieces in thrift stores only because they're too long. Prime example is this dress I'm wearing for these pictures. Debated back and forth whether to get it because it fit perfectly in the top, but the hem reached down to the floor. I ended up buying it (obviously!) but that was back in...June. So the poor dress has sat in my closet that long being unworn!

Thankfully my sweet roommate is a design major and taught me how to hem this weekend! I feel like a whole new world is open to me. Hemming is seriously so easy and I can't believe I passed up so many perfect pieces in the past simply because I just didn't know how shorten. I did this dress all by myself and couldn't be more proud/happy with how it turned out. Watch out--I'm a lean, mean, hemmin' machine.

In other news, Ohio means business about winter and decided to drop below zero today. Rewarded my frozen body with a thrift trip after and found two new berets for my collection! A raspberry one and a grey one. That makes ten and I'm not quite sure what other colors I can collect! Perhaps a pretty powder blue one? ♥

With much love, Lauren.


Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

you are too cute, lauren! i love the blue and yellow together!

Kailey said...

That lipstick looks so good on you! I would love to see a hemming tutorial - I just bought something at the thrift store two weeks ago I want to shorten! <3

Unknown said...

Well done girl!!

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Unknown said...

I used to not buy dresses because they were too long too, and thought it would be a shame to cut up a pretty dress, but considering it's so cheap when thrifted, I learnt the wonderfulness of hemming!

Your outfits just keep getting better and better Lauren! I know I will always be inspired when visiting your blog

xx Carina

Unknown said...

It's amazing what hemming a dress can do! This dress is so adorable. It'll be perfect in the summer too with it's bright, fun colors. I love the yellow cardigan and bright lipstick you paired with it.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I love these colors, Lauren! Absolutely lovely against the white of the snow.

Love, Amy

Katie Selt said...

You look gorgeous!

You did a great job at hemming, which is easy, but also, it takes patience, which is not a virtue most have.


Unknown said...

You are looking too cute dear. Your dress is really very beautiful.
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Ruby Sterland said...

Wish I had more vintage shops where I live! Love how you've paired winter brights, you look lurvely x


Kezzie said...

I am honestly so envious! I just virtually never manage to thrift vintage!!! This is my favourite colour!!! Love the whole look!!x

Unknown said...

Those colors work so wonderfully together. What a great move to combine them. I so enjoy white tights so I missed that closeup but loved the one of your sweet, lovely face. Those lips of yours are so delicate and beautiful. Great post, sweetie. You rock!

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