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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Without Borders.

Red Parka Coat, White Beanie: Aeropostale.
Pinafore, Blouse: Forever21.
Black Boots: Thrifted.
Lipstick in MAC's Russian Red. 

Happy Sunday to you all!
When I was home for Thanksgiving Break I worked at Aeropostale and couldn't help myself to buy a few things. It's funny because when I first started working there I didn't think it was going to be a problem to want to buy things from there (not my style), but since Aero has been going through their revolution I've found myself really liking a vast majority of the clothing. One piece in particular; this coat! My winter coat is about three years old and although there's nothing wrong with it, I don't feel like it's my style anymore or really even warm enough. I knew when I got a new winter coat I would want it to be red this time, and so it was fate that I found this one! I've really been attracted to the parka style jackets this season which is strange for me because they're not ultra feminine. This coat is perfect though and fleece lined with a big, nice fur hood to shield my face from the Kent wind (aka we are Chicago here). It also has these comfy thumb holes at the bottom of the sleeves that don't really have a purpose, but I'm one of those people who pulls my sleeves down like that anyways so it's ideal. I'm a very cheap person and the $130 price tag on this was way too steep, but it was 70% off and then I used my employee discount and I got it for $25! Couldn't pass it up.

My good friend Sky recently started a fashion, lifestyle, Christian blog which is amazing. I am constantly inspired by her faith journey and just her life. Sky is the type of person who lives with no regrets and just enjoys every moment of life. So proud of her and of her blog and I'd love if you all could check it out! Especially love the recent tutorial she did for a poinsettia crown. Too cute

With much love, Lauren.


Stephanie Loudmouth said...

You look so cute and wintry! Love that coat. I'm glad life is treating you well.

Kezzie said...

Oh thank God you are wearing a coat!!!! You look so beautiful but I worry about you getting cold (and now I make myself sound like your Grandma!!!!) It's a lovely,lovely coat and it looks very cute in this outfit combo! Of course I will check out Sky's blog- am sure she is lovely just like you! Hope that you are well Lauren. x

Katie Selt said...

That coat looks great!

I made the same resolution myself when I went to buy a new coat: it has to be red.
And, I did it!

Red is perfect for winter because it stands out so much. Also, it screams Christmas, and nothing is better than that.


Sky said...

You are so sweet!!!!!!!!

Isabelle said...

Ahh I love the combo of black, white, and red (and the polka dots are a bonus of course!) I can't imagine how cold your hands were shooting this, though, haha. I nearly sprinted to the nearest store in New York today to save my hands from frost bite. That jacket looks so warm though! Gotta love discounts. Another perfect look Lauren! <3

xo, Isabelle


Unknown said...

So smart how you tie white in from your cute hat to that darling dress into those amazing tights and right into the snow :) You are a beauty without equal, that last shot sweetie, wow! And I so appreciate getting to see those tights better in their shot. Amazing!!! Hope you are doing wonderfully well. Hug yourself for me :) xoxo

Unknown said...

Such a gorgeous coat! Love the bright red shade (:

Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

Elliementary, My Dear said...

Red is such a lovely color on you. Love your pinafore and blouse!


wow this outfit is amazing! and that jacket is definitely a good buy, looks and sounds amazing!
and i love the way you styled it, looks amazing with the navy and white, super cute!


♥ Ellen
Facebook + Instagram

Lauren said...

It still amazes me how you always dress so well (and cute) in what must be the freezing cold!
This look is lovely... and that coat! Gorgeous! - and what a great bargain!

Lauren xx


Ruby Sterland said...

Snow! Wish we had snow in England :-( Love your red coat, it's so cute and festive (and warm) x


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