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Thursday, December 19, 2013

If Only In My Dreams.

1960's Pencil Skirt: From an elder woman.
Cardigan, Vintage Ferragamos: Thrifted.
Pink Blouse, Satchel: Forever21.

Hello everyone!
I stepped out of my bedroom on Monday wearing this outfit and asked my mom, "do you think I look like a 1960's secretary?" She told me no, but I have a hard time believing her reply. Some horn rimmed glasses and I'm set for next year's Halloween costume, no?

Clearly you can hear the distaste I have for this outfit in my sarcasm. I get in the habit sometimes of dressing like an old woman and it's hard for me to convince myself I'm 20; and should be dressing that age. I need to watch some Miley Cyrus videos or somthin'

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

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Kailey said...

You look especially gorgeous in the last image! <3

S.K. said...

Crumbs, no, do NOT go near those Miley Cyrus videos if you want to preserve your natural style and good taste. And, you do not dress like an old woman. Heavens girl, what would those legs be doing?
Seriously, I really like your sense of style and how you dress with a 'vintage vibe.' I personally just love it when people's clothing stands out, not because they aren't wearing enough to talk about, but because they look stylish and sweet.

Anonymous said...

No Miley Cyrus videos. NO, LAUREN. You dress beautifully for your age. Be proud!

Love, Amy

Katie said...

Ha, no, not a 60's secretary, the silohuette isn't... quite there. But I know exactly what you mean, I'm prone to dressing a little older than my age. Although as I'm growing up (I'm almost 28, which means almost thirty, which means AAAAAHHHH) I find that my style is kind of settling, so now I basically dress only a little older than my age, where as at 22 I definitely was aware that I dressed older than everyone else I knew.

So... you've got that to look forward to? Heh.

Regardless, I think that you usually have very young details about your outfits; lots of leg showing, or cute jewelry, or your berets/hats... I never feel like you look like you're trying to look older than you are, if you know what I mean.

Camille said...

I think you dress just fine, Lauren! In fact, I like your more vintage-y sense of style. It makes you unique and different. I find it refreshing to find someone that isn't trying to dress super edgy and revealing. :)


marcia said...

Oh, you're gorgeous. I adore the soft shades of pink with the navy!

Anonymous said...

Well, this outfit is stunning and you look stunning in it. If this is what you feel comfortable and YOU in, then who cares about anything else?

Sammi said...

lol you do NOT look like a 60s secretary! I think this outfit is ADORABLE!!! I love the pink and navy combination, and your hair looks especially beautiful. You are such a lovely girl. :)

xox Sammi

Kezzie said...

If you like it, wear it. If you don't like it, don't wear it but personally I rather like it! X

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

I LOVE this outfit! i would totally wear it. LOL Miley .. you are too funny.

Kalie said...

What's funny is that the moment I looked at this outfit, I decided that this was one of my favorite's of yours. I think it's perfect!


Kalie H.

Katie Lynn said...

I dont understand the concept of a cardigan while its snowing! Born and raised in florida anything below 70 i have a coat on. Cute outfit dont let others tell you how to dress based on your age/

Unknown said...

Whhhaaa? Lauren, step away from the Miley videos. This outfit is great! Sure, it is a little more professional than some other outfits, but there is nothing wrong with that! That skirt is a dream!


Unknown said...

Oh poo, you look adorable. Does not look like a Halloween costume, looks like a classy, gorgeous lady. Love the tights, of course, but the star of this outfit for me is that wonderful top. Big fan of all things lace. Great look, dear xoxo

Unknown said...

I think you look so pretty, and yes you do look like a 60s secretary but in a good way! No to Miley Cyrus, always.

Unknown said...

The good thing about clothes is that you can switch up your look day to day if that's what you want to do. I think this outfit looks adorable on you though. I love the mix of navy blue and light pink. That blouse is just super pretty!

Anonymous said...

You definitely do NOT look like a secretary! But you do look like a beauuuutiful lady! Very very classy.

Xo, Hannah


Sarah said...

I love your outfit! I really like the light pink top.
It's so pretty

Lots of love


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