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Saturday, December 14, 2013

O Christmas Tree.

1950's Circle Skirt: Vintage Shop.
Sweater, Heels, Hat: Thrifted.

Hello there! ♥
This vintage circle skirt is another super old piece I've kept in my wardrobe like the pink trench coat. I got it for Christmas five years ago from my parents when I was just getting into vintage. It was the second piece of vintage I came to own--the first a beautiful floral 1950's silk wiggle dress. I wore that dress to death throughout the years and it was already so fragile that now it has a lot of rips in it and even if I got them fixed, I don't fit into the dress anymore. So sad. I was surprised that I still fit into this striped vintage number though after so many years. It's such a special piece that I always hope to keep! Here's the first time I wore it--I was such a sassy high schooler.

I've been wanting to take some photos amidst a tree farm and thought, "well why not today!" It turned out to be a blizzarding, but it adds to the beauty of the season! My little sister took these photos and she just absolutely loves to do it-- she never complains about the cold or my pickiness. She is a phenomenal little girl I realize as she gets older and older. We spent the entire day together just snuggling, laughing, playing, and cleaning. Something I don't think we've ever done. Not that we don't spend time together, just never the whole day. We usually bicker or start teasing each other by then. Whether it's because she's getting older or because the heart grows fonder with distance, I'm so thankful for my little lady. She is my best friend! 

With much love, Lauren.


nanawintour said...

Lauren this post is adorable! And your sister takes such beautiful photographs.

Sophie xo


Unknown said...

It's so much fun to see how your style has evolved! You've grown into such a lovely lady! <3

Unknown said...

You look so festive and stunning, dear. Wonderful look. So glad you get on well with your sis. That is a lifetime of wonderful memories assured.

Unknown said...

How wonderful are these shots? your sister is a fantastic photographer!! my boyfriend does moan sometimes! ha

some really stunning shot xxxx

Kezzie said...

Now Gracie looks sensibly dressed! You, young lady, however beautiful you look, NEED A COAT!!!!!! thus speaks Grandma Kezzie ;-)

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

Your sister is an amazing photographer! These photos are absolutely beautiful. This outfit is the perfect level of festiveness xo

K.M. said...

What a lovely post! =) What you wrote is beautiful. And I have to say I am loving the latest outfits! You have more style in the back of your closet than most people have in the front of their blogs!

Katie Selt said...

So festive! And, your sister is adorable!


Nancy Wilde said...

so christmassy and gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Aw you two are so adorable. I love these snowy pictures. They're so wintry and pretty. I'm in love with your vintage skirt too. The colors are perfect for holiday times and your red hat looks awesome with it.

Elliementary, My Dear said...

What a winter wonderland! You two both look so cute and I love how festive your outfit is.

Alexandra Marie said...

Adorable pictures- love your hat covered with snow! Alex


Shop Style Conquer said...

The photos are amazing! So jealous of the snow (Its boiling hot in New Zealand atm and i wish I was somewhere like this instead!!) This is a beautful vintage skirt! Love how youve continued the red detail theme with the lipstick and hat!

-Tara x


Anonymous said...

This is such a perfect christmas outfit! So festive and pretty, and your heels add just the right amount of elegance.

Unknown said...

First of all, your sister takes the cutest pictures! So great!

Second of all, that skirt is FANTASTIC. Just perfect on you.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season at home!


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