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Monday, December 2, 2013

Around and Around Again.

Cropped Sweater, Loafers: Thrifted.
Brown Circle Skirt: Forever21.
Knee Socks: H&M.
Black Infinity Scarf: c/o OASAP.
Lipstick in MAC's Speed Dial.

It's hard to explain what I feel about blogging lately. It's a blatant annoyance and irritation, but for what I'm not quite sure. I don't really feel this way toward my blog in particular--I still love blogging and look forward to posting every day and taking photos. I don't feel burnt out, I don't feel the need to take a break, and I don't feel as though my identity isn't appropriately shown through this blog. So what's wrong, why do I feel irritated? I don't know. I think a lot of it has to do with the frustration of my writing on here. For a lot of blogs, writing about fashion and how they got the pieces they're wearing and how they got their inspiration for the outfit is fine...but for me it's just not. I feel boring and uninspired when I write about those types of things. Like a computer, regurgitating the same stuff I read in magazines, other blogs, and in class. Which is ironic, because this is a fashion blog (and I am a fashion student after all).

But these things have been written a million times. The same cliche fashion titles used for blog posts over and over again. No depth, nothing but mindless jabber that at the end of it all, have you really even said anything? I'm not saying that I don't like it when bloggers write about fashion on their blogs--they're fashion blogs, that's what they're supposed to write about! But for me it seems ill fitting and I want something more out of myself and out of my blog.

I just feel as though I never stop writing the same thing over again but with different words and different sentence structures. I use the same terms, same phrases, same everything and nothing is ever really accomplished in what I write. I wish I could write something interesting, riveting, unique in every post, but it feels like I've lost my ability to do that lately and I'm not sure why. I truly do feel like I don't 'live' enough and experience different things, thus being stuck in this weird bubble where I can only write about my experiences, but they never differ. That's why I'm really looking forward to going to Italy. Not so I have new material to write about and keep you all entertained, but so I can feel the satisfaction again about writing about something or a situation that's never happened to me before. Raw. New. Real. I want that again. I a lot that I wrote I was happy with last year because coming to college was new and I felt all of these different things. This year has been good and I don't have any complaints, but it just wasn't what I was experiencing for the first time like last year. And then that frustrates me because I can't just always be in this weird limbo and writing block any time my life slows down and gets run-of-the-mill.

Although things may be routine and ordinary now, I hope that by taking notice of the details and finer moments of my life that I always look over will bring some new views to my thinking and writing.

With much love, Lauren.


Mary said...

I remember a lot of these feelings-- my friends and I used to joke that sophomore year was the 'quiet' college year. You're not experiencing everything so newly as freshman year, it's not junior year (when everyone studies abroad! that's when I did), and you're not as pensive and reflective, readying for the world outside of college like senior year. I'm so excited for your Italy trip-- my semester in London truly threw me out of my comfort zone and transformed me fully into the person I am today. It was the hardest and most rewarding thing I've ever done-- and I love having all of my struggles & triumphs throughout recorded on my blog! I just know it'll be the same for you, sweets!

Mary said...

But you know what, the pictures really speak for themselves. There is so much inspiration in just the pictures. So don't worry if there's a day where you don't feel like writing, or don't feel like you have anything to say. Your pictures alone will be sufficient!

Unknown said...

You are so sweet. What a wonderful, honest bit of blogging. At times, I feel less than inspired to keep blogging but what motivates me are those awesome people that read and comment on my blog. I do not have that sort of acceptance much day-to-day so to have it here really keeps me blogging. Have no fear, gorgeous, the fire for it will come back, even without a crisis, you will just wake up one day and Ta-Da!!! As for your outfit--so very adorable. So like your hair in that style and those socks are almost as wonderful as tights on your lovely legs. Such a beauty :)

Unknown said...

Keep your blog for yourself first at all! Wtite what you want, feel as you want, wear what you want. It doesn't matter if your post will have a fashion attitude, will be interesting for readers or what else!
I think that the best way to blog is writing what we love to write. No matter is the aim is not trendy or you're not suggestion us to wear tartan, burgundy or a grey/pink coat!

Facebook Page Bonjourchiara

OrigamiGirl said...

I agree with you on writing about more than just where you got your outfit from being interesting. I think that you don't need to have an exciting event every day in your life, or in every post. I like to write about small moments, conversations, happiness or frustrations, thinks reading about or happening in the world. Maybe just think about what other things are intriguing or exciting to you at the moment.
Also, I do love that brown skirt. This is a gorgeous Autumnal outfit. One of my favourites.

Christine said...

I didn't know you were a fashion student. One way to diversify experiences is to bring your fashion posts to life! Maybe go volunteer, and take the pictures outside the place, or incorporate others into your blog. When I felt the way you do, I decided to reach out to other young ladies and to the #BeyoutifulHope campaign (tab on my blog)- this way my blog could be about more than just myself, but others too. Still having fun with fashion, but going more indepth and less superficial than just what I wore and what I did. I would totally recommend that- it's a wonderful break. I had a lot of fun too, and especially seeing how it made my friends feel to have a photoshoot and I was able to see how their self-value increased because they found themselves more beautiful. And that way, you share joy with others. :)

God bless,

Kezzie said...

Haha, so I take it you're describing my current blog post then? Sob!! (Has an original title!) I found taking part in Blog Every Day In November gave me lots of impetus and fresh ideas recently. Before that, yep, I was also feeling in a similar rut. You're wearing my favourite coloured sweater!!!! I love turquoise!!! X

Chiara said...

Moments like this can happen!
You are a quite normal human being, you 've to understand that you are an ispiration, not just for me.The way you dress and your pictures are really amazing and creative...you're young and you have to keep every opportunity.
And last but not the least Italy is happily waiting for you!

xoxo from Rome

Nina Cat said...

That's one of the reasons why i deleted my old blog but then there are moments when I feel like blogging is my only escape. But yeah, it gets a bit repetitive and that can make me feel the opposite. I've checked your blog every time im around the blogosphere for years and I never find your posts anything like that. You're pretty true to yourself and your fashion and that's very inspirational :)

Unknown said...

I can relate to these feelings. My blog on here is only a month old, but I still feel like my writing isn't interesting enough. I have a lot of thoughts, but ordinary experiences.

The feeling is more prevalent on my Youtube channel though. I feel uninspired and don't know what to film about lately. That's why I started a blog. To have another outlet.

I'm sure you're rut won't last forever. Especially not when you're in Italy. (:

Unknown said...

I understand your feelings, I have the same issue (always writing about school, work, knitting, rinse and repeat). I never feel that your writing is repetitive! I always enjoy your posts where you do creative writing, they're always so well written, maybe try to focus more on that instead of writing about the outfits, your cute outfits speak for themselves!

Unknown said...

I really do think your pictures speak for themselves. If you don't have anything profound to say, it's okay. You post a lot so I'm sure you'll have more elaborately written posts more often than not anyway. It's your blog and you can do what you want! Nobody will think less of you if you don't have something thought provoking for every post because your pictures are always great and your outfits are a definite inspiration! Even this one is so cute with your basic pieces pairing together so nicely.

Anonymous said...

Lauren, Creativity does not always come from external experiences. I would say Emily Dickenson and her prolific writing throughout her life despite never leaving her home in Amherst MA are a good example of that. Write about your classes, your friends, things around you that strike you or touch you. Tell stories with your photography, share with us your career goals, how you are preparing for Italy etc. Your a great journalist both in writing and photos.

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