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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dorm Room Tour VIDEO!

Hello there!

After being here at Kent for over a month now, I'm finally all settled in and filmed a little tour of my dorm room! Just thought it would be fun to show you all where I live and how I decorate my little home away from home ♥

With much love, Lauren.


Lauren said...

Haha dude I'm totally obsessed with Top Model too! I can't handle the drama though, they're all so ridiculous. And I seriously need to do a video as well ... but only after I fold the giant pile of clothes in my room, hah.

Looks pretty cute!

Esther said...

Love your cute room! You've got some lovely little nooks in there :-) I'd decorate my room like that if I lived in a dorm I reckon :-) So lovely!!! Thanks for the tour :-) I bet it's a nice place to come back to each day after classes.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your sweet dorm. Using dressing to decorate is such a cute idea! Your instagram wall is such a cute idea and I love your closet :)

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

So lovely to see your dorm! As of this year I live on capus as well (I used to commute) and i just love being here. I have my own mini-bathroom and even a small kitchen which I love, because communal bathrooms and kitchens are not something I like, knowing how students get around here... . I love that you have pictures of your hometown on your wall, that is so sweet! Your rooms is very lovely, and seems to fit you perfectly! xo

The Big Princess said...

The dress is so beautiful!!!!

the ineffable soul said...

your room is really cute especially the little area with your globe and rug :) I love college room tours as they're quite different from the uni rooms in the UK! x

Unknown said...

Your room is just so cute! I always loved decorating my dorm room - it is a little different decorating a house because you want to stay as far away from the dorm look as possible - its funny how that shifts! I'm going to have to post house pictures ASAP.


Unknown said...

Soooo much nicer than the dorms at IU. Nicer than my campus apartment too! I don't have carpet and my walls are concrete blocks. It is like a prison. I bought a bunch of vintage ads. I currently only have a Lipton tea ad in the kitchen area. I've been to lazy to dress up the other ads and hang them up.

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