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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Life's Snapshots #34.

Cafe mocha time (it was a freebie).

Lucky to go to a school that has its own fashion library with awesome books like this.

Set for fall in the treats category.

I've been craving chocolate chip pancakes for weeks now and Erin and I made some the other day!

Newest MAC lipstick--Rebel.

Extensions selfies.

I find my fabrics class so fascinating. Since taking this class I've become a completely different consumer, knowing more about the fabrics garments are made of. When I was thrifting this weekend, it took me twice as long to shop because I'm addicted to guessing the fabric to see if I'm right! We all have to wear clothes, so why not educate yourself on what you're wearing?

Time spent with grandmothers is the best.

Awesome find for $.50.

Pumpkin scone + cafe mocha.

I can't go home and not get one.

It's starting.

Saw this beauty in the stock room at @aeropostale before I left for school. Wanted it SO BAD. My mother is a saint and went and got it for me--love her and where I work.

 Beautiful Urban Decay Palatte.

First time at Jeni's.

Kent State food services did alright for once.

Finished dorm.

The scents of fall.

My instagram photos over the past month or so...you can follow along with my daily life with @passingwhimsies! :)

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

That Urban Decay palette looks AWESOME. I love seeing these little snippets of your life!


Jess said...

I loved all of these photos originally and they look so pretty together here! :)
Jess from http://theadorabledork.blogspot.co.uk

jana said...

ohmygoodness. i am in love with your rug!! so envious! ps, did you smell the pumpkin pecan waffles?? sooo good!

Ashleigh said...

Chocolate chip pancakes are so fun and so are waffles. Love your pics. They really put me in the fall mood.


Charmaine said...

Lovely life shots. Dude, you are seriously so smoldery! The epitome of 60s glamour in that extensions shot! I'm sorry to hear your second year has been a bit bumpy compared to last. Looking back, I can relate actually! I think after how amazing and life changing one's first year of university can be because it is such a transition, second year seems like a let down. Harder classes, less time to socialize, and everything isn't as novel as first year. I'm sure things will improve, keep your chin up and enjoy your time. It sounds like your Navs groups is great for you! Where there are chocolate pancakes, there is hope.

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